Sirisha Bandla, the woman who will become Indian’s 2nd space explorer!

Sirisha Bandla became the 2nd Indian-born woman to fly into space. She and 5 other astronauts will be on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft for a 6-month mission to the International Space Station. Though she is not the first Indian woman in space (that distinction goes to Sunita Williams). this nonetheless is an impressive accomplishment for … Read more

Getting an Amazon enter code from

If you are an Amazon Prime member, then you can probably enter your code to watch TV episodes and movies on your TV. Here’s how to do it. First, make sure that your computer and television are connected to the same network. Then open a web browser and go to Click on the orange … Read more

Angel Number 555 Meaning

Do you keep seeing the number 555 popping up everywhere? Are you wondering what the meaning of angel number 555 is? This article will explore the spiritual meaning of this number and what it could mean for your life. Keep reading to learn more. 555 is a powerful number that carries messages from the divine. … Read more

Why is Orbi satellite flashing white?

The Orbi router is the latest and greatest technology you need for your home to enjoy fast internet speeds. If you’re tired of slow wifi, this might be the answer! Unlike most routers that only provide wireless connections for computers or laptops, the Orbi satellite has a built-in modem which will give all devices in … Read more