How social media spreads insecurities and feelings of incompetence!

The desire to be liked is something we all experience. But with today’s technology it can quickly become an insecurity. The number of likes you get on your picture or the comments. That are left for your most recent post may shake outmoded at one point in time as people turn into numbers instead. There isn’t any human interaction anymore!

Social media has become a platform for individuals to display their lives and lifestyles. It’s easy, fun even though you know it isn’t real-life. Because what matters is how things look in your feed or on social platforms. Such as Instagram & Facebook where all of the content seems so perfect. But if an individual sees someone else who appears much better off than them then they might feel sad which can lead into depression. Missing out on adventures while others go clubbing or vacationing abroad. When really we’re home watching Netflix alone feeling lonely since no one cares about our daily struggles.

Girls these days are constantly trying to fit into the norms, but they’re not quite sure what those standards should be. There’s an expectation that you’ll look thin and possess perfect features – without any marks or blemishes on your face for starters! This has led many girls (and women) alike in their search of image editing apps so as long as we can Photoshop away our imperfections then maybe people won’t call us fat? Or point out all those pimples…

Social media has the power to make us feel better, but it also causes mental health issues like depression and insomnia. We constantly seek validation from our peers in social settings as well as promoting an ideal life on platforms. Where people can see all of your “good” moments without ever seeing. What’s happening when you’re not at home or sleeping! When these things start taking their toll – do yourself a favor. Go offline for awhile by spending time with friends who aren’t online too frequently; take regular breaks every few hours so that Facebook doesn’t become one giant paradoxical obsession (I hear thoseexist); use technology wisely–i know I always.

We all know how much of an impact social media has on our lives. But, like anything else in life if used properly this tool can be beneficial to us too. For example I use Facebook as a way for my friends and family members who don’t live close by. Or have access at their office computers/laptops connect with me through video chat apps such Skype because it allows them convenience. While still allowing some level privacy when needed. Same goes true with Twitter where users may post updates about what they’re doing currently (without giving away personal information) AND there are usually designated accounts devoted specifically towards events happening now-

Social media is a great way to stay up-to date with all of your friends. But it can get out control if you don’t use the right apps or have certain settings checked. The correct usage will ensure that this tool helps rather than hinders!

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