Who are Bryce Hall’s mom and dad?

The people who follow Bryce Hall on social media and have been following the events surrounding him are sure to have heard of Lisa Hall, Bryce’s mother.

It is well known that Bryce Hall is very close to his mother, Lisa, for those who don’t know. It is not uncommon to find moments of warmth and love shared between Bryce Hall and Lisa Hall on social media.

While the relationship between Bryce Hall and his father is quite opposite to that of his brother’s, that of Bryce. Social veteran not only refrains from talking about or revealing the identity of his father, but also prevents others from doing so. It should be noted that he posted a photo on Instagram on Father’s Day back in 2017 in which he described exactly the kind of relationship he shares with his father.

Despite the fact that the photo appears to show Bryce Hall sitting alone, he tries to pretend that he is sitting next to him.

A former abuser of Lisa Hall, his father Per Bryce Hall spent surprisingly little time with him. Although, Bryce Hall and Lisa Hall seem to be strengthening their relationship even more as a result of that aspect of their lives.

Bryce Hall always makes a point to fly back to her mother on her birthday despite her busy schedule with TikTok and YouTube.

Lisa Hall opened up her Instagram page on Father’s Day 2020, letting the world know how she raised her son Bryce Hall. Here is what she wrote as her headline:

Happy Father’s Day to the man who made me strong enough to be a mother and father to my child. For a single mother, nothing is so useful as for your son to wish you a happy father’s day today.

His relationship with his mom

The TikToker is close to his mother and usually shares images of them on their social media accounts. It is clear that they are inseparable.

However, at the same time, Bryce has made it very clear that he doesn’t have a dad. I shared a joking Father’s Day picture that he jokingly shared on Instagram a few months ago, saying: “Happy Father’s Day dad”. In addition, I also offered to comply with any demands he made on me as her child. In this photo of us together, he’s hugging an imaginary figure and the hashtag #singlemomsrule is located next to an image of him holding a picture of another woman.

In an article he wrote for People, Bryce Hall referred to the arrest he had on drug charges as one of the reasons he offended his father. As he said:

“I also thought about my father – someone who was never around and that I knew to be abusive and irresponsible. He spent time behind bars for unpaid child support and abuse; and as I sat in that cell, it made me feel like my father. It was a mortifying and shameful experience. I had promised myself for the past twenty years that I would never be like him… and there I was.”

When is Bryce Hall fighting Austin McBroom?

A boxing match between Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom will take place on June 12, 2021. ‘Battle on the Platforms’ will be an event that pits the two of them against each other. A fight between YouTubers and TickTokers is planned for the event, as its name suggests

The event card is as follows:

A match between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall (main event)

Tayler Holder vs AnEson Gib

Defeating Winniehacker in Deji vs.

Nate Wyatt versus DDG

The fight between Faze Jarvis and Michaelle

Ryland Storms versus Tanner Fox

Azelart v. McBroom

Cale Saurage versus Ryan Johnston

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