5 smartest Fortnite players

Over the years, many players have come and gone from Fortnite. In spite of the fact that the best players still dominate this type of battle. There are some players who have shown they possess a serious 200 IQ in the game.

It is all about having fun while playing Fortnite, a game that is all about creativity. Unlike other Battle Royale games, it is the only one that allows players to build. So they can create their own gameplay style to become very creative.

Fortnite’s 5 smartest players

It can be seen in the video below that most of the incidents mentioned in this list have taken place.


A pair of online twins known as x2Twins is made up of Jesse Eckley and Jordan Eckley. The pair, who made their way to the United States from Australia, is most probably one of the best Fortnite team in the world today. They have a tremendous sense of play and teamwork that are on an unparalleled level. During one of the games, an individual was accidentally thrown into a storm, causing the storm to blow completely. Using a harpoon gun, another individual pulled his brother back into the circle of violence. That was a pretty innovative move requiring little thought on the part of its maker.


Known as “MrSavage,” Martin Foss Anderson has been a professional player for Fortnite since 2017. MisterSavage showed the world why he was regarded as one of the best in the world of soccer during the 2019 World Cup qualifiers. It was a royal victory for him because he used the shadow bomb effectively and went on his way to the hill.

Nathan Anthony Hill

Nate Hill, also known as Nathan Anthony “Nate” Hill, is a professional Fortnite player that belongs to the FaZe clan. The Edmonton-born player is well known for his capable goal-scoring ability. The Edmonton-born player experienced a large backlog during one of his matches. In addition, he decided to plan his shots based on where his enemy may be located, as opposed to moving about it.

Hugh Gilmour

I am currently playing for the FaZe clan under the guidance of Hugh “DestinyJesus” Gilmour. He uses an innovative approach to destroy enemies and he was once known for creating ways to do it when he was actively playing Fortnite. In one game onion, one of the walls of the player box was removed using a boom during the game. After he made the window, he finished building his own wall, knocked down the enemy, and built another window to make it more secure. The creativity that professional players display during Fortnite is always fascinating.

Manuel Martinez

A member of the FaZe clan and a YouTube content creator himself, FaZe Martoz is currently under the responsibility of the FaZe clan. The game’s creator came up with an incredibly clever strategy to deal with grenade launchers when grenade launchers were available in Fortnite. It involved hiding behind a wall while trying to avoid being hit by a grenade. Martoz utilized a decoy bomb at the launch pad in place of attacking the enemy in the open. In Fortnite, the enemy attracted the attention of the enemy by firing at the bait; consequently, the player was able to lower his head at the perfect moment and eliminate the enemy.

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