Chest pain can last a few minutes or it might happen while you’re at rest. The victim’s whole world stopped spinning when they had a Heart attack. It was sudden and complete blockage of an artery that supplies blood to their hearts, which can lead the healthy organ become damaged very quickly if left unchecked for too long or repeated attacks from other sources such as stress on its own accord . As we age our arteries also becomes narrow due mainly from fatty deposits called plaque buildup along with some risk factors like smoking cigarettes but even at young ages there is reason enough for concern–the more vulnerable you might be towards having one happen.

According to the latest research that was published in journal Circulation , about 80 percent of women experience heart attack symptoms differently than men do. This has been due to lack of awareness for both genders regarding how these attacks are different from one another . It says 70 percent of all cardiac related deaths occur in women even though heart disease is less common in women than it is in men . According to some reports , more than half a million American women have died because they don’t know what’s wrong with them ! Researchers used data collected over 3 years from over 30 000.

Chest pain

Women are more likely than men to experience heart attacks in the chest. It’s a common symptom for women, and it can happen when one suffers from an blocked or damaged artery–just like how you might feel elephant-ish on your chest while sitting there feeling unease trying hard enough talk but not being able .


If you find yourself getting more exhausted than usual, like climbing stairs or carrying groceries feels too difficult for reasons that aren’t clear to explain then it could be a sign of something serious and should not go ignored.
Exhaustion can mean anything from anemia (low red blood cell count) which is bleeding so much internally because there’s no oxygen reaching the tissues where these cells need glucose; heart failure – organs are failing due tromphytisis–a disease caused by stress hormones.; thyroid dysfunction-some people produce too few thyroxine.


When you’re sweating without any signs of exertion and it’s a cold shower or sweat, this could mean that your heart is experiencing problems.

Upper body pain

Women can also experience pain in the upper parts of their body, such as around neck and jawline. The kind off these pains is oftenradically felt. Or sudden onset with no known cause for it to happen at all!

The cause can be several things; everything from stress to disease. But in most cases it’s related with some kind of history of trauma, like an injury or surgery. And when this is the case, there are actually muscle knots (myofascial trigger points) that is causing the pain. Referred pain!

Stress and anxiety reactions in our body has also shown to play a role in these kinds of pains too. A study shows around 70% of people who had suffered traumas became sensitive for chronic myofascial neck pain due to stress and anxiousness (1). So if you’re looking for relief check your stress levels first…

Sleep disturbances

While many people think that heart attacks only happen to guys, it’s actually pretty common for women too. The symptoms can include difficulty sleeping andsound sleep. Waking up in the middle of night feeling tired despite getting enough restful hours- all thiscon happening just weeks before your event?

Stomach problems

You may have stomach problems! Vomiting or nausea might indicate an upcoming episode while burping wine probably won’t do any harm either except maybe make you forget what happened during lunch earlier today 😉

Women are at risk for heart disease because they often have overlapping factors such as age, family history and medical conditions. A woman’s health depends on how well she follows lifestyle advice. Including exercising regularly despite being pregnant or having just had a baby. This will help keep your body strong while also preventing other problems like weight gain!

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