Exciting Things to do on your Quarantined Birthday!

Coronavirus is taking over our lives, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great birthday. During this pandemic many of us find ourselves celebrating birthdays in the middle of quarantine because they are so important to us and deserve recognition no matter what happens! So without further ado here’s 10 creative ways for how I would celebrate my own Quarantined Birthday:

Get Dressed up

Who says you can’t look your finest when at home? Use this as an opportunity to bust out that favourite dress and get dolled up with some make-up. And once ready, not only will it feel incredible but overall things just seem better than ever before! What more could we ask for on our birthdays…?

Bake yourself a cake

Cake is always a must for birthdays. It could be anything from the most basic vanilla layer cake to more elaborate recipes, but it’s important that you celebrate your special day with something sweet! To make things even easier on yourself this year try one these creative ideas:
If baking isn’t really your thing then head over here. If making decorations sounds too daunting try buying premade frosting ordecorating Hyperlink Boyevelyn Rose.

Have your favourite meal

Time to get cooking! There are so many recipes out there just waiting for you. You can find your favourite dish or make something new and exciting, whatever takes YOUR fancy today
The weather is warming up which means people will want comfort food like soups/stews soon enough – perfect timing since we’ve all had a few cold days in a row now anyway.

Zoom call/video call

Get ready for the midnight spirit call with your best friends from around the world! With online video calling platforms like Skype and FaceTime, you can chat as often or infrequently as needed. Just because they might not be there physically doesn’t mean we won’t still love them—we’ll see each other soon enough
The time difference is no longer an issue; when it’s 12am where one friend lives tonight but 1 am back home (or 3am if he/she works late), then 2 hours later all parties will have woken up refreshed after their long nap thanks to these amazing new technologies that let us keep in touch without.

Do a photoshoot

To commemorate your birthday, it’s time for a little photo shoot. All you need is some good natural lighting and the perfect selfie timer! It can be an excellent pick-me up – what better way to look back on memories than with this?

Have a virtual happy hour

Celebrate your birthday in style by inviting all of the people you would usually spend it with! Play some music and make drinks that are just for this occasion. It’s time to let loose, so put on an awesome show while celebrating our favorite day together…you know what they say: one éiftis is worth ten birthdays.


Birthdays are always fun, but you might want to take precautions. You never know what kind of presents someone might give on your special day!

Have a dance

Dance the night away with your friends and favorite music! Clear out some space for dancing, find a playlist that will get everyone on their feet. Pick up those phones of yours – it’s time to make this party official by inviting friends over via text message or social media app so they know where we’re at (just in case they couldn’t guess). When someone arrives let them know about our no host policy: If you can’t go yourself then come as close as possible because there is nothing better than surprising others with an unexpected visit from just “a bunch of folks…dance party danger.

Netflix party

Remember how you always wanted to see that movie but never got around? Well, now is your chance! Renting a video for one night is cheaper than buying it and there’s no need of going out. Plus if everyone has their favorite actresses or actors then who knows what could happen when they meet in person (heck maybe even something romantic). So go ahead treat yourself because on this special day all those years won’t matter anymore anyways.

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