Freeman’s Auction House

 If you are looking to buy or sell rare items, Freeman’s Auction House in Philadelphia is the place for your transaction. The experts at this auctions house have years of experience and provide unmatched assistance when it comes time make deals on important collectibles like artwork (or any other type) as wellbooks; gems ; coins – their expertise covers all bases! In addition they offer cost-effective promotional techniques that drive attention from potential buyers which leads them straight back into our store where we can help fill out inventory lists accordingly while also making sure every penny counts during these tough economic times by using low profit margins so each customer feels valued no matter what size order .

The experts at Freeman’s auction house are renowned for their unmatched help in the deal and acquisition of compelling artwork, collectibles or gems. With worldwide experience that stretches far-reaching information on economic situations they work intimately with agents to offer great service when it comes time buy something special from them as well!
The driving staff will go out there every way possible so you can make your dreams come true while also being safe about doing business because let’s face facts – most people want things done correctly but if nobody tells us anything then how do we know? Now here’s where things get even better…It doesn’t matter whether its two centuries old (like my family Bible)or just got back.

Copy of the Declaration of Independence presented in 1824

The last of the Founding Fathers, Carroll grandfather-in law John MacTavish passed away in 1844 before he could give his duplicate copy of this historic document to an institution. Freeman Fine Arts conducted many auctions and sold it at one such event for $5 dollars which is why we have today’s copy!

The Declaration of Independence was a revolutionary document that gave the American people new hope and direction. But it soon got lost in allying with other important pieces, like Articles One & Two which created our first national government; however these weren’t enough to supplant what had been thrown away-the original vision from 1776 still hasn’t been restored!

The War of 1812 was a pivotal moment in America’s history that marked the beginning to its involvement with international affairs. The conflict prompted Congressmen John Marston and Henry Clay. Both from opposing sides of politics respectively (and who would later go on become leaders). For what they believed at this time were good reasons but simply saw as opportunities rather than dangers; together these men created “…an outline or model” which still guides us today – “the basis upon which we live.”

Freeman’s Modern and Contemporary Art Sale

These sculptures are a must-see for any art lover! The Torcello sculpture by Barbara Hepworth is among the most impressive ($150,000 – $250). Executed in 1958 and bronze on an elegant base with slimmer sides that expand close to its top corners. Where there are profound discouragements; it captures human shoulders + collarbones very accurately while making you feel like your eyes can’t pull away from them either. You’ll also find Henry Moore’s companion piece available at 20k -30K

The Chiricahua Apache craftsman, Allan Houser is the artist behind these remarkable pieces. His Corn Harvest piece shows a woman holding an oversized hoe planted deep into maize ($12-18k). Seated Woman consumes up most room in this sale with her delicate features. And flowing locks that rest on top of elegant inspired wood furniture made by other renowned artists. Such as Fritz König or Tom Otterness while she looks off towards something just outplayfully visible only from where we sit

Return of the Pennsylvania Sale

The Pennsylvania Sale is an honor to the whole district—its residents, craftsmen and items they have made. The bicentennial exhibition at Freeman Art Gallery offers recognition. For this long-standing inheritance as a significant imaginative locale that has produced many influential people. Throughout history such George Nakashima or Thomas Sully who were both born in Philadelphia but also traveled far beyond its borders because their work requires quite specific skills only found here.

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