Travis Scott is among our top 5 rappers for Fortnite

Fortnite may have been the first to combine live performances with video games, but Roblox has not been far behind. The popular chatting app recently had musician Lil Nas X perform his hit song “Old Town Road” virtually in front of thousands for an event known as ‘InokiCon.’
A few weeks ago, Nintendo announced that they would be incorporating music into their upcoming game Animal Crossing: New Horizons by having pop stars return from previous series’ soundtrack releases likeika drug dealer Zero songs played during gameplay videos which allowed fans across social media platforms such.

There are rumors of another live concert happening in Fortnite and this time, it sounds like they’re going for a more musical vibe. The event at Believer Beach has no named artist yet but here’s five rappers who could perform their song during the anticipated show:


There were two big names streaming with Travis Scott and Ninja in the past week: Drake, who made waves when he streamed alongside them;
and now we’re waiting for another famous rapper to hop on stage. Who will it be? Will they use Fortnite’s popularity boost as an opportunity or just sign their name onto something without caring too much about what happens next – like many other artists did before him (like Weezy!).


While it’s true that Future is one of the most influential rappers ever, his music tends to be on an upbeat mood and has just enough offbeat vibe like what you’ll find in Scott- territory. So if Fortnite wanted someone with those qualities for its concerts then this might make sense as well.

Post Malone

Post Malone may be one of the most unlikely pop stars in recent memory, but his music is wildly popular with kids and teenagers. He’s not technically a rapper – he raps over EDM beats! But even so, Post Malones’ songs fall under an same genre as KPOP star Taeyang’s girlfriend or American singer Ariana Grande; they’re all considered “pop.” So it makes sense that fans would love to listen
to both artists at once on Fortnite: Battle Royale where you can now download your favorite tracks from any artist by simply searching for them using their name instead of having broaden options like before when users were limited only between what was available within each individual game modes.

Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper has a chance to make an entrance into Fortnite with his music. It’s rap, but it doesn’t have that “hard” sound most people associate him with and plenty in younger generations are already familiar enough for emotes too! Plus this would be another huge win if they added some now- disappeared emote phrases like ‘shaku shakuhachi’ ( bamboo flute ) onto tracks playing during matches , which was what started all those rumors about Chance being involved after he teased us last week.

Trippie Redd

With his hit song “Pick Up The Phone”, Trippie Redd has quickly become one of rap’s most sought after artists. He even claims himself to be the new God King in Fortnite! If this is true then bringing him into our game would simply follow Travis Scott’s footsteps when he brought covered-in bars for fans at Austin360 Amphitheater last year during C3 Music And Arts Festival .

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