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If you need some extra motivation to get things done, why not try a life RPG app? Download these apps now and turn your real-life into an exciting game!

There are many ways to motivate yourself. You can use something like an app or calendar for staying on schedule, but there’s more options too! Life RPGs take mundane tasks such as toothbrushing and exercise into challenges that earn experience points (XP) when completed successfully every day- kind of turning your life over in a tabletop RPG environment where everyday activities become quests with different levels up front depending upon how well you do them each time.

Best real life RPG apps


LifeUp is an app that’s all about living your best life. You do tasks, level up and get stronger as you complete them – but there’s no need for fantasy elements! The interface looks just like any other habit-boosting tool out on the market today: simple design with reminders of what needs done next or how much XP has been earned so far; repeatable activities guaranteed to make this world better one step at time (and also win some collectibles along the way).
Takes away anything unnecessary while still retaining important information.


Life RPG is one of the more popular life-simulation games. You can create tasks, level up in it and earn stuff! But there’s also Daily Duties which you must complete every day for better stats or else your Energy Level will decrease – this affects how powerful monsters become as well so make sure not to neglect any duties that come along because if they go unfulfilled their strength might grow too much!! And lastly… customization options allow players complete freedom when deciding what kind adventure would suit them best; whether its fighting battles against terrible creatures who want nothing less than our destruction (a la medieval warriors), developing relationships with other people throughout town while trying never ever Bodyshoping.

Level Up Life

Level Up Life is a new, text-style RPG that has an old school look and feel. You can play like other games in this genre by completing tasks to earn achievements while you play through Level ups which unlock increasingly difficult goals for your character’s history of success or failure depending on how they were carried over from last session/game round etc., If getting every award available isn’t what motivate someone then maybe pass along these sorts .

Kingelf Habit RPG

Kingelf Habit RPG is an app that has some neat extra features. This one includes task management like most other life-based role playing games do, but it also adds in a drag and drop mechanic to organize your tasks according the proper order (which you can change at any time). Additionally there are two mini games–one where players must survive through several rounds against computer generated opponents while collecting items along their way; another type of racecourse style event involves running as fast possible without getting hit by cars coming from both sides! You’ll be able use gems gained throughout gameplay either summon heroes help win battles or unlock premium content over time period depending on how much currency they’re worth.”

Habit Streak

Habit Streak is a life app, but it doesn’t have the same tone or experience as most others. You still put in tasks and try to do all of them every day-the big difference being how you execute those actions: with this habit streak there are Luxemburger goals!! It’s not just about completing certain activities on your daily schedule (though that part works too); instead we want users who make their lives more productive by linking different elements together into something bigger than themselves through “ streaks.” The free version seems kindof glitchy accordingto reviewers; however pro boasts seamless gameplay.

Habit Hunter

Habit Hunter (formerly Goal hunter) has more of an RPG feel than most life games. You get the usual things like to do lists and reminders, but also have access a full map that you explore while completing daily tasks; gaining experience points along your journey in order complete quests or unlock new features for future use! The overworld gameplay adds just enough excitement without being too complicated so it’s easy enough even if someone plays on their phone – which is usually what happens when we’re addicted this sorta thing… But don’t worry because there are plenty other apps available where users can find some.


Habatica is one of the most popular life RPG apps for mobile. It works on Android, iOS and there’s also a Chrome extension! You can play this game across any platform because it includes group activities which make teamwork fun instead of tedious or stressful like some games might do with social interactions only happening when they’re needed (think Fallout 76). Plus you get discounts if your friends join up too – so why not go ahead an invite them?


This game is the perfect option for life RPG enthusiasts on a budget. It’s free to use with some advertising, so you can enjoy all of its features without sacrificing your cash! The streamlined UI includes an interactive list that lets users check off tasks as they complete them – giving this one extra oomph compared other apps out there in terms engagement levels or animation effects when completing certain task categories like “To Do” lists (which also happen be what most people need).
The developers over at EpicWin knew exactly how important having something physical would make managing ones’ daily responsibilities; thusly making these games portable enough not only while working from home but even during travels abroad because no matter where someone goes there will always.

Epic to-do list

The greatest thing about this app is how it makes me feel like I’m in one big action movie. It feels empowering, and every day when my alarm clock rings at 5am sharp (I know what time zone that happens), all those suburbia worries disappear from sight as if they were never there! The only problem? You can’t always get everything done on your list because some days are just too hectic – but hey! That’s why we have reminders for these things right? So let them go ahead with their lives while you relax until tomorrow comes around… again.

Do It Now

Do It Now has an intuitive user interface and is one of the most customizable life apps on this list. Your D&D style character sheet plays out how you live. With points being earned for things like charisma or willpower. From there they can be spent to learn tasks that will give rewards when completed successfully. Such as obtaining new skills in programming languages through practice exercises. There’s also a calendar function which reminds users about future events while providing reminders specific dates/times nearby their location (which may ORGANIZATIONAL TOOLS!). Sophisticated stat charts allowing tracking progress over time periods longer than just weeks.

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