Minecraft ‘s top 5 best magic servers

The world of Minecraft is a dangerous place, but not when you have one these fantastic magic servers to help keep things in perspective! These gaming sites offer an all-inclusive experience that includes everything from enchantments and spells for your character’s gear, or even new types like Blockception which allows us players greater access into what goes on inside those blocks.

The servers listed below are all maintained and updated regularly. You can join them for free, anytime of day!

PotterworldMC – IP: play.potterworldmc.com

PotterworldMC is a unique Minecraft server where you can learn the arts of witchcraft and wizardry. The servers heavily draws inspiration from Harry Potter books/films, letting players fight in spell-based duels or complete magical challenges while exploring new worlds filled with classic lore characters like dragons.
The gameplay offered here includes brewing custom potions. That are only found within its world’s borders so there will always be something exciting waiting just around every corner!

The Last Block Bender – IP: play.thelastblockbender.com

The Minecraft server is a great place for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It has everything that you would want in an online game, including four different bending elements based on what happened during the show!

Minecraft servers allow you to learn and master the magic of four different elements, similar in anime. You can also create your own nation with unique rules for battling other player’s nations on this fantasy world.

Lord of the Craft – IP: mc.lotc.co

The last block bender Minecraft server is perfect for fans of the popular Avatar: The Last Airbender animated TV series. On this unique spin on player-crafted worlds, players are able to learn and master magic like never before with four distinct elements similar in appearance from what was seen during episodes within Aang’s story arc! Not only does it offer these features but also allows you total control over your own nation within an immersive fantasy setting – developing technologies while battleieng others’ nations around ours?

Cursed Craft – IP: play.cursedcraft.com

Cursed Craft is an innovative Minecraft survival server with a myriad of unique features to help set it apart from the competition.
On this platform, players can complete quests in a fantasy-style. World including challenging bosses that utilize magical spell based attacks. These foes are not easy but greatly reward those who fight them. There’s also new maps available for download on our website. Explore snowy plains or mystical mountains while develop your own projects at will within “Snowdin”*.


What would you do if there were suddenly aliens in your world and they didn’t want to leave? Minecraft server, Purple Prison has been online since 2014. This is a great place for new players who want some fun with friends or family members. With thousands of people coming back every day it’s clear that this magical realm holds an important place in many lives. Not only as entertainment but also because of how much inspiration can be found here (I’m looking at YOU imprisonment enchantments!). Think about all those wasted days spent running fromacknowledgement; now imagine what could have bee.

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