Subnautica: Below Zero Parallel Processing Unit fragments

In the story of Subnautics: Below Zero, the parallel processing unit is essential.

Players will need to scan fragments to obtain a draft in order to download an item from. Subnautica: Below zero. Players can then make the item from the draft once the draft has been gathered.

An initial draft of the unit needs to be scanned in three fragments for parallel processing. And finally the final product obtained to be used individually needs to be scanned.

Following the encounter with Marguerit Maida in Subnautica: Below Zero. Players are tasked with disabling the communication tower on Delta Island after meeting Marguerit Maida. To switch the tower into test mode. A Test Override Module is required in order to be able to accomplish this mission. Almost all of the items required for the module can be obtained from natural sources. Such as plants, animals, and mineral deposits. The Parallel Processing Unit, on the other hand, will require a trip down to the wreckage of Mercury II.

If you collect Parallel Processing Unit Fragments with other equipment recipes. You will be able to unlock the blueprints for this unit. It takes three Parallel Processing Unit Fragments to unlock it. The good news is that all three fragments of the Mercury II. Spacecraft have been located within its wreckage. In spite of this, the parts of the ship have already sunk to depths. Where dangerous creatures such as Squid Sharks live.

Subnautics is a sequence of fragments below zero.

There are three separate processing units in the parallel processing unit. A draft of the table is obtained once it is made. And three samples are required for fabrication in the Fabricator: a gold sample, a silver sample, and a coral sample.

The fragments in a parallel processing unit, on the other hand. Cannot be found at more than one location, unlike other fragments that can be scanned in multiple places.

There are fragments within Mercury II that belong to the parallel proThe wreckage of Mercury II. Is able to be passed by a laser cI. Believe that the fact that this tool is able to open some doors. And create a path on board is crucial to the success of board, it is crucial to this mission.

The engine room for the stern of the vessel is where one fragment of the wreck is located.

Another fragment of the wreck has been found in the onion. In order for you to reach this treasure. You need to swim over to the bridge of the wrecked ship. A second PPU fragment can be scanned in the center. Console of the bridge by entering the command, “Scan second PPU fragment”.

It is near the edge of a Purple Vent where the final fragment stands. One of the panels is located in the first room in the ship where the broken part is located. In order to scan the fragment, you need to cut the board.

In Subnautica: Below zero, the parallel processing unit can only be used to create. TEST overrides once it has been created, once it has been done. It is during this time that the signal tower on Delta Island is deactivated. And the plot advances as a result.

After you have found three of its fragments, you can craft the Parallel Processing Unit. As well as the scattered records, they are also scattered across various parts of the Mercury II. A giant ship that has crashed and is now submerged beneath the ocean’s surface.

In the Purple Vents and Lilypad Islands biomes that lie to the east of Delta Island. There are parts of the Mercury II that have split up.

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