An ex-AOA member has over one million followers on Instagram

On September 30, KST, former AOA member Kwon Mina posted her first Instagram post claiming to be her first post in the system. On the 20th of September, the singer reactivated her account and started posting photos again. However, her last picture has not been uploaded for almost two weeks now.

From two lines of truthful statements on the bill to an extended title. Her only post on the bill has been changed. Her remarks were accompanied by a thank you to the people. For supporting her announcement and a promise that “the truth will eventually be revealed to the people”.

She reactivates her Instagram account two weeks after deactivating it

In two weeks after Kwon Mina had announced that she would be closing her Instagram account, it has been announced that she has reopened it two weeks after it was closed
It was announced the previous day, the 9th of September, that former AOA member Kwon Mina would deactivate her Instagram account the following day, the 10th of September. This decision was the result of a media report published by The Dispatch newspaper. Based on her 128-minute text communication with the group leader. Mr. Shin Jimin, who is alleged to have been a bully and harasser towards her.

However, she has now returned to Instagram. Sharing her photos and sharing her heart in long captions with her usual social media presence.

The former idol reactivated his Instagram account on September 20 before he took a few days to post. Allkpop reported that the former idol reactivated his Instagram account on September 20. I am happy to say that the selfie was posted on September 30, 2015, with the following title:

“I’ll just say it. The truth will eventually be revealed. I won’t mention it again. Thank you for your support. Goodbye and be well.”

Kwon Mina elaborates on  people

In an extended post on her website. Kwon Mina elaborates on how people will never believe her if. She discovers the truth, even if she discovers it after having written the short title.

Even if she were to live for 100 years. She would be able to discover the truth, no matter how difficult it would be:

“Even if a year passes, even two years, if the truth is not revealed in the distant future, even if I am bored. Even if it is difficult for me, I will have to find out.”

While her use of “why I wrote so poorly” does not refer to the text. The phrase she used is related to her conversation with Shin Jimin. A report in the Dispatch says that Kwon Mina constantly would text Shin Jimin. Forcing him to meet and threatening him often with things such as “I’ll take revenge.”.

“I will definitely tell you why I wrote so badly and said bad things about how I behaved in the last 10 years. Now, no matter what I say, no one will listen to me or even look at me. And all I can say is that I’m tired of it. Now I will stop hating anyone, try to fix it and realize that I am the only one who loses. I know it will be hard to fight more people alone, but I want to discover it one day even after a long time has passed. ”

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