Finding five Thunder Sakura trees in Kannazuka

Genshin Impact players are wondering where Thunder Sakura trees can be found in Kannazuki since they play a critical role in Inazuma’s world search.

The fact that it is relatively easy to locate the Thunder Sakura trees in the Inazuma area makes it even more attractive. When a player knows where to find them in Genshin Impact, it is easy to spot all five statues since they are located within Kannazuki, where their large appearance makes it easy for a player to spot them. The question of where they are is hard to answer when you don’t know where they are.

Like some other quests, it is not possible to see where each tree is located with the world quest (Sakura Arborism). Genshin Impact is a game which can take a long time to learn, so many players want to know the locations faster by using guides.

Thunder Sakura trees in Kannazuka can be found in the Genshin Impact Inazuma. Genshin Impact’s Kannazuka Inazuma region contains all five Thunder Sakura trees.

Thunder Sakura # 1

The place where you can find this is called Kujou Bay on the northernmost side of Camp Kujou. Players can also use the Teleport Camp south of Kujou camp. Which is located west of this Teleport Waypoint.

Due to the unique design and curved shape of Thunder Sakura trees. Genshin Impact players should be aware of them immediately when they come into view.

Thunder Sakura # 2

It can be seen in the image above that another Thunder Sakura Inazuma can be found in this area. Teleport Waypoint can be found at Camp Kujou. And players can travel to the south using this waypoint. In addition, one can use the Teleport Waypoint to move from southwest of the Statue of Seven and head north. The illustration below demonstrates how Thunder Sakura looks in Inazuma. Note its curved appearance, size, and the cherry blossoms on the top of the branches.

Thunder Sakura # 3

On Kannazuka, you will find a Thunder Sakura just north of the Statue of Seven. It is very difficult to miss it, since it is surrounded by lots of open space.
The following is an illustration of one of the Thunder Sakura trees that can be found in Inazuma by Genshin Impact players.

Thunder Sakura # 4

Given its distance from the teleportation point in Kannazuki, this tree is the most difficult to reach. Players will still be able to head to the Thunder Sakura as shown in the above picture. But the one further north is more of a challenge.

Thunder Sakura trees are usually easy to spot, but some players may miss this given its obscure location in Inazuma and other trees that surround it.

Thunder Sakura # 5

Located southwest of the southernmost teleport point in Kannazuki, Thunder Sakura is about 15 kilometers or 8 miles away.
Here in Kannazuki, a tree like this can be easily spotted despite its small size in comparison with the other trees in the area.

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