Destiny 2’s Wandering Bone Collector can be found where?

Over ten quests in Destiny 2 lead to exotic weapons for the players to find which they will have no trouble finding. There a variety of weapons to choose from, ranging from hand cannons to heavy machine guns. And in order to acquire one of these weapons, the Guardians must overcome significant challenges.

There are however quite a few challenges involved in finding the rocket launcher. Which requires players to collect “bones” scattered on the moon. The first two bone locations are part of the Symphony of Death task line, which provides a very concise description of what these targets are.

This is where the biggest problem lies, since there is no clear direction given by Bungie in the third place. There is just one thing he says, “Collect from the wandering bone collector on the moon.”

Destiny 2:

Shadowkeep requires players to accomplish several steps before they can obtain the Deathbringer exotic rocket launcher. It is necessary to collect three different bone fragments from three different sources, in order to complete this step. As for the third, it seems that it is not clear from the quest description. The second one is obvious from the quest description, but the third is not clear.

Players of Destiny 2 will need to head to the Anchor of Light section of the Moon in order to come across the Wandering Bone Collector. When they spawn in there will either be a Bone Collector. Already wandering around or the Bone Collector just hasn’t spawned yet, depending on when they spawn.

Usually, it will move to the Anchor of Light zone when you may wait for a moment or so after you receive the kill feed, so it is likely that it is already there. There is a Hive Acolyte who looks rather innocently enough, but who has three yellow bars of health over his head.

To obtain the Deathbringer exotic quest, players will only need to kill the Bone Collector. Which will immediately give them the “marrow” of the monster. There are a number of simple steps to follow throughout the quest, but a lot of players who don’t know where the Wandering Bone Collector appears may find it confusing. I’m glad to say that the Destiny 2 community manages to solve any mystery in a matter of minutes and now each and every player knows what to do.

Bone collectibles and two other locations in Destiny 2

Include Anchor of Light on the moon, which is home to a bone collector. For starters, the player of Destiny 2 must degenerate at the Sanctuary waypoint and immediately turn right. Thereafter, the direction of the road is generally one-way until you reach an intersection that is further dividing the road into four directions. This area is home to a bone collector.

If players can’t find it, waiting two to three minutes will also help create a creature. The bone collector is a hive helper with a healthy yellow ribbon. Sam doesn’t wear a lot of armor, so it won’t be difficult for players to kill him.

Everyone should now receive a mission item called “the Core of the Bone Collector,” which can be used to advance Deathbringer’s exotic quest.

However, Bungie doesn’t indicate where the bone collector can be found after completing the step. In such a case, the Destiny 2 community stepped in quickly, which allowed fellow Guardians to complete their missions much faster.

Compared to the bone marrow transplant, the two other possible goals are much simpler to accomplish. In order to obtain the first bone, you need to complete a public event in the Hellmouth region, while the second bone is located in the K1 Revelation lost sector.

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