Sofia The First Theme Song Lyrics In English

Sofia The First Theme Song Lyrics from the album “Sofia The First” is a beautiful song. This song is produced by John Kavanaugh & Danny Jacob while featuring Ariel Winter. 


Quick Facts

Song Theme
Artist Sofia Die Erste
Album Sofia The First
Producer Danny Jacob & John Kavanaugh
Featuring Ariel Winter


Sofia The First Theme Song Lyrics


I was a girl in the

village doing alright

Then I became a princess overnight

Now I gotta figure out

how to do it right

So much to learn and see

Up in the castle with my new family

In a school that’s just for royalty

A whole enchanted world

is waiting for me

I’m so excited to be

Sofia the first

I’m finding out what being

royal’s all about

Sofia the first

Making my way it’s an

adventure everyday


It’s gonna be my time


To show them all that I am

Sofia the first!

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