In Call of Duty: Warzone, what is Nickmerc’s PKM loadout?

Nickmercs is always looking for ways to make his gameplay more competitive, and this time around he’s taken Call of Duty: Warzone by storm with an innovative PKM loadout that has quickly become one the most popular warzone setups in use.

Nickmercs is a well-known LMG player in Warzone. He uses the weapon to great effect, showcasing its power with his recent loadout on PKM
Output: Nick “Nickmercs”CMU has been one of the most successful players using an assortment or weapons across all games he plays including League andCFskinz DM . In season 3 though we saw him retreat back into what made him famous – His trusty shotgun! But why? Well now there might be some light at endthis tunnel as you’ll see later down below…

NICKMERCS’ PKM loadout for Call of Duty: Warzone

The PKM is one of the slower-moving weapons in Call Of Duty: Warzone, but it rains down on enemies like artillery. The downside? You need to be close enough for this gun’s full effect. And if not then there will always remain some doubt about whether or not your shots hit their target! Luckily (for us), Nickmercs has found just what we were looking for with his loadout choices. Long range attacks while still being able handle most situations up close thanks give him an edge over other players at all ranges imaginable.

The best way to win in this game is by using a solid set of attachments and gunning down your opponents with it. You could try out either the muzzle or barrel extensions. But if you want more damage done per shot then go for something like an optic sight that will let task at close range. While still being able take out enemies from afar without any trouble whatsoever!

The Monolithic Suppressor has been a favorite among Warzone attachments for years. The PKM will now be able to silence its firing, and increase the range at. Which it can deal damage thanks in part from an impressive boost given by this new barrel attachment. Slows down movement but grants more control over recoil. So you’ll have no problem packing some big boomers if that’s what takes your fancy…

For his optic, NICKMERCS goes with the VLK 3.0x Optic that gives players a solid view across many ranges and offers crystal clear clarity at any distance thanks to its innovative lens coating design which provides superior light transmission efficiency for clearer images in poor visibility conditions. When fighting through smoke screens on maps like Warzone’s Enlarged Map Playground where it can help you see everything. There is besides your enemies’ silhouette against an otherwise dark backdrop before they even know what hit em’.

The FORGE TAC Stalker ensures that your PKM shots will be more accurate and steady. Even when you move around. While aiming movement speed is reduced on this gun attachment for Warzones alike environments of course; stability increases as well to keep those target acquisition times quick!

The last attachment NickMERCS puts in his Warzone PKM loadout is the Snatch Grip underbarrel. Movement speed is a con, but it gives you better control of your weapon when firing and ADSing which can be useful for someone who doesn’t have as much practice with an automatic fire button like myself!

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