Minecraft chestplate enchantment rankings

In Minecraft, players can add a chest plate to their gear to further protect themselves from external damage.

As of now, players have the option of choosing 6 different types of chest plates. There are several kinds of material, including leather (the weakest), chainmail, golden, iron, diamond, and netherite (it is the hardest).

There is no doubt that chest plates can be enchanted, just like all the other armor pieces in Minecraft. As of this writing, the players have the option to place nine different enchantments on their chest plates. In addition to making players look cool while providing them with protection, chest plates can be a wonderful accessory.

From the ‘best’ to the ‘worst’ chestplate enchantments in Minecraft, this article ranks them!

From best to worst, Minecraft chestplate enchantments!


When it comes to ranking armor enchantments in Minecraft, protection is almost certainly going to be at the top of the list. Protection is one of the most powerful enchantments in Minecraft due to the benefits this enchantment provides to the player.

When a player is struck by an enemy, their armor takes less damage due to the protection they have absorbed. Players who use protection save themselves not only from directly being hit, but also from getting damaged in general. Minecraft provides players with protection against lava and fire, while decreasing the damage they take from every other attack. The maximum level of protection that an enchantment can achieve is level four.


Aside from protection, mending is an important chore that is near the top of the list in most cases as well. Repairing using XP is an enchantment that allows players to repair their armor. It is only going towards repairing the durability of the chest plate that any experience points earned by the player while wearing the chest plate will go to, instead of increasing the level of the player.

In the Minecraft world, mending is a rare and treasured enchantment that is rare to find. The mending enchantment will no longer be available on a mending table, which means players will not be able to find it there. The Minecraft world is full of ways to mend, but it is difficult to find all of them. The player will just need some luck to always find ways to keep their items repaired.


In the game, “Unbreaking” can be applied to almost anything that can be enchanted, which is pretty much anything. As the item becomes unbreakable, the durability of the item increases. Allowing players to use it to the fullest extent.

This is one of the best enchantments a player can use at the right time during a PvP fight or in an advanced game mode, when they are using armor. An enchantment of the highest level can unbreak armor at the maximum level.


As long as the thorns enchantment is used, players will have the ability to reflect damage back to their enemies when struck. The enchantment of Thorns is one of the best when playing PvP game modes.
As an enchantment, thorns isn’t bad, but the problem is that it breaks the player’s armor more quickly than other enchantments. It is possible to enchant thorns of any level as long as you have a level three enchantment.

Fire Protection

A fire protection enchantment is a type of enchantment in Minecraft that reduces a player’s chest plate’s damage taken by fire in order to keep it in good condition. In the world of Minecraft, the protection enchantment called fire protection is the second best in terms of protection.

Players who have fire protection are protected to an extent of 80% of fire damage, making falling inside the Nether far less painful!

Projectile Protection

In Minecraft, projectile protection provides players with protection against airborne damage. As a result of that enhancement, things such as arrows, shulker bullets, thrown tridents, fireballs, etc. are less likely to deal damage to the user.

The enchantment can be very useful when it comes to obtaining shulker boxes and blaze rods. In order to protect against projectiles, enchantments can be enchanted up to the maximum of level four.

Blast Protection

With blast protection, players are protected from explosions and blasts, as the name suggests. It is very useful to have blast protection to avoid creepers, as creepers are arguably one of the most lethal mobs you will encounter in Minecraft.

In the event of a fireworks display, blast protection can protect the players from injury. They may also be protected against TNT, fireballs from ghasts, and ender crystals, if their armor is strong enough! An enchantment with level four blast protection is the highest level of enchantment available.

Curse of Binding

If the player plans on never taking off the item, at least for a period of time, the curse of binding is one of the worst enchantments to put on an armor in Minecraft.

Once the armor is in the slot, players cannot remove it from the armor slot once it has been implemented by the curse of binding enchantment. If the armor is not broken or the player dies before it is removed from the slot, it will stay in the player’s armor.

There is also an enchantment that affects the treasure that is called the curse of binding. Therefore, it will no longer be a part of an enchantment table, so players won’t be able to find it that way.

Curse of Vanishing

When you die, the player’s item will disappear, due to the curse of vanishing enchantment. Players can find themselves in a very difficult position when facing this curse.

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