Gallade moves in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Gallade is a powerful final form for Kirlia, and it can be obtained in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl by evolving that male Ralts with Dawn Stone. Gallades difference from Gardevoirs lies mainly on its typing. Instead of having Fairy powers like she does, this one has Fighting-type moves at hand!

Gallade’s physical attack power is impressive, with a base stat of 125. This means that Gallades’ punch can pack some serious wallop in any game where he appears!
With movesets like “Brilliant Diamond” and “Shining Pearl”. His Pokemon will be sure to make an impact on your battles against gym leaders or other powerful foes alike.

The best Gallade moveset in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Poison Jab

The weakest type of Pokemon that Gallade can be compared to is Ghost, Flying, and Fairy. Poison Jab has been added to the moveset in order to cover the Fairy-types which are far more dangerous than the others.

Close Combat

Its second STAB move is Close Combat. This powerful fighting type attack has a boosted 180 power, 100 accuracy and 5PP to use!

Gallade’s speed makes it so that the user can take on enemies at a distance with ease. The downside is if you don’t train Gallades defense or special attack stats, they’ll be lower than what they would’ve been without using this move first in battle which could cause problems for your team later down stream .

Psycho Cut

Gallade will be able to unleash a powerful psycho cut on his opponent that is sure not only do some damage, but also have high chances of being critical. This physical attack has an accuracy rate around 20% so it’s best if you use this move when against foes with low defense types like Steel or weaknesses towards psychic attacks such as supporting pokemon who use Magnet Rise alongside their teammate—that way they can take better advantage from all those electromagnetic waves going off near each fighter!

Swords Dance

Gallade’s Swords Dance is a risky move to use against tough opponents, but it can be an opener for other moves like Focus Blast or Bug Buzz.

Gallade’s Swords Dance is a powerful attack that can hit hard, so it’ll be important to have as much Attack power you possible when using this move.
-Swords dance will boost your attacker’s stats temporarily.

Getting a Dawn Stone

Then, you will need to make your way to Oreburgh City, and then you will need to make your way to Route 207. It is possible to use your bike’s ‘Mach’ mode to climb the slope by taking a right before the grass. Take the first right at the top of the mountain and enter the cave through the entrance to Mt. Coronet.

Upon entering the building, immediately take a left (west), then immediately left (south) and then continue straight ahead (down). Once you have reached three sets of stairs – one north, one south – take the bottom one. In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl you will find the Dawn Stone by using Surf in order to cross the body of water.

If you want to use the Rock Climb feature to traverse up the first climbable area after you’ve beaten the game, you have to go into the Survival Area, go left onto Route 225, and use Rock Climb to do so. At the top of the mountain there is a Dawn Stone that awaits you.

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