How old is Xiao in Genshin Impact?

There is no doubt that many players have grown to love Xiao’s cold, blunt and reserved personality from Genshin Impact.

While all the other Yaksha have either perished or vanished, Xiao remains as a defender of Liyue, proudly wearing the unmistakable moniker “Conquerer of Demons“. It has often been Xiao’s burden to slaughter his own enemies, as he is the last remaining Yaksha who threatens Liyue. He has a distant, mysterious character because he has served as Liyue’s protector for much longer than anyone would think. Making it apparent that he is one of the more, if not the, oldest, characters in the City of Contracts.

What is Xiao’s age in Genshin Impact?

Xiao may look like a teenager or just a young adult, but according to Genshin Impact lore, he is actually over 2,000 years old. In spite of being the oldest of the group, as well as Ganyu being one of the oldest, Xiao commands great respect and authority.

Players know Xiao’s age due to his involvement in the aftermath of the Archon War as well as the fact that it is indicated in his character details page that is shown above. The war ended about 2,000 years before the story of the currency in Genshin Impact, and the Yaksha themselves were later set free by Morax himself.

It is said that the Yaksha was summoned by Morax to fight the demons that arose from the remains of various deities defeated in the Archon war. Additionally, Xiao’s current name was also given to him, as it refers to a spirit that also suffered in the same way as the Yaksha. Xiao has been protecting Liyue for the past 15 years as a sign of gratitude to Zhongli.

Liyue’s protector of thousands of years, Xiao, still isn’t exactly the most popular deity amongst the locals, despite his role in protecting Liyue. In fact, most mortals aren’t aware of the existence of this character.

As a result of his purposefully maintaining a distance between himself and Liyue’s community. I think Xiao’s lack of fame is first and foremost due to his lack of recognition. Xiao’s true power is said to have such a damaging effect on people that it is unlikely they will survive.

While Xiao appears to be callous in his actions, he has no intention of harming mortals. As a result, he lacks emotions such as sympathy. Due to the nature of his character and the time he spent as a slave to an evil god. In the current version of Genshin Impact. Xiao is easily one of the most complex characters so far. Because of his backstory and obligations.

Xiao Loves Zhongli

The first person who will stand up in defense of Zhongli will be Xiao. Throughout his life, he has had an unwavering respect and loyalty to Zhongli because of the name change and his rescue from prison. As long as he serves the people of Liyue, he will not tolerate those who speak ill of him. So in return for his freedom he is willing to serve the people of Liyue. It was demonstrated in his act of protecting Liyue from Osial. Who believed that Geo Archon was dead, although he still decided to protect her.

If Zhongli ever decided to take back his Geo Gnosis. Xiao would most likely take part in another Archon War. It would be difficult for Xiao to handle this inner turmoil if this were to happen. In the unfortunate event of another war, Xiao may not be able to stand the pressure of his karma build-up, and thus die.

An introduction to Genshin Impact’s five-star Anemo user, Xiao, is presented in the following format:

Character – Xiao(Alatus)
Age – More than 3000 Years
Constellation – Alatus Nemeseos
Birthday – April 17th
Height – 158.5 cm
Weapon of Choice – Polearm
Elemental Skill – Lemniscatic Wind Cycling
Elemental Burst – Bane of All Evil
Xiao’s English voice actor – Laila Berzins
Xiao’s Japanese voice actor – Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

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