Instagram Live video of Luenell goes viral

After her latest Instagram Live, Luenell has garnered a lot of attention online. A 62-year-old farmer conducted a live Instagram session to engage in a conversation with a few prisoners on Friday, according to the Associated Press.

The clip that went viral later this year shows the comedian briefly exposing herself in front of the men talking to her. I was surprised to hear that the comedian and actor, who was accompanying the prisoners, burst into laughter right after the action was completed.

Taking to Instagram, Luenell also addressed the viral clip by writing the following comments:

“Since y’all pretty h*** don’t wanna show my d**gs in the click no love Luenell came through.”

Her witty sense of humor is a hallmark of her Hotel Transylvania 2 role. Fans appreciate her for being herself onscreen. While Luenell remained cheeky with her latest move on her Instagram Live, she amused the audience with her usual light-hearted mannerisms.

Watch Luenell’s viral live on Instagram as Twitter is abuzz

During the course of her remarkable career as an actor and comedian. She rose to fame with her notable performance as the character Lunell in the comedy film Borat, opposite Sacha Baron Cohen.

In addition to grown up in Tollete, Arkansas. Luenell also spent time growing up in Northern California with his seven siblings. Currently, she is a resident of Los Angeles, CA. And attends Castro Valley High School.

In order to launch her career, the star appeared on Soul Beat TV together with African-American journalist Chauncey Bailey.

After winning several prominent film and TV roles, she went on to appear in such recent films as Taken 2. Hotel Transylvania, That’s My Boy, A Star is Born, Never Die Alone, American Hustle. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,The Middle, and Black Dynamite, among others.

On Showtime’s Bad Girls of Comedy, Snoop Dog performed the stand-up comedy solo. In Snoop Dog’s Stand-Up Stilettos and TV Guide’s Stand-Up Stilettos. Her comedy act has not only been a great success in Australia for two years, but she has been on a nationwide tour over the past few years as well.

Luenell won the attention of the media last year when she took part in a provocative photo shoot with Penthouse Magazine. After going viral four years ago, she once again left social media abuzz when she teamed up with three inmates for an Instagram Live.

There were many reactions on Twitter to the incident on the part of the public.


Milton Hall, who was present at the moment when the video was captured, reacted to the video after the video was captured by The Shade Room by writing, “Since you all don’t wanna see my dwags in the video, Luenell came through.” In the post, Luenell was also referred to as “Greatest of all time” as Milton posted it with an emoji that looks like a goat.


Social media was quick to share the video on a wide range of platforms after its release. A number of people have reacted to it with enthusiasm. In response to an anonymous user on Instagram who asked, “Why is Ms. Luenell using the IG Live feature to stream her tattoos to inmates?”? How on earth do they get a phone in prison then? This is absurd.””absurd.””absurd.”” Adding to the comments, another user mentioned: “Luenell is sending pictures of that men in jail on Instagram. We truly need to confiscate her phone.”

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