What movies should you watch to learn more about gaslighting behaviour?

No one is immune to gaslighting behavior. It can creep into any relationship, whether it’s romantic, platonic, or professional. Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse in which the victim is made to feel like they are going crazy. The abuser will manipulate information and twist reality to make the victim doubt. Their own sanity and perception of events. If you’re experiencing gaslighting behaviour, it’s important to seek help and support. There are people who care about you and want to see you get through this nightmare. You are not alone.

Gaslighting behaviour is an ugly, vicious form of emotional abuse that can leave its victims broken and diminish their self-confidence. The root cause? It makes you question your own thoughts and feelings as it twists reality to suit the person doing the gas lighting. Making them feel powerful regardless if they are successful or not. In manipulating others into believing something against themselves.

The psychological effects are endless when one gets caught up with this type toxic relationship dynamic where there’s no resolution until both parties come out ahead. After suffering long term consequences from playing hero rather than seeing each other’s.

While it may seem unlikely in the first place, and you might say “how is that even possible!” But yes – as a reality– Gaslighting can take its toll on your mind AND emotions WITHOUT YOU REALIZING!!! We thought to presenting an glimpse of this subject by listing down some movies should. You watch to learn more about gaslighting behaviour.

Below list contains just few movie suggestions if interested with learning more. Would like viewing these topics firsthand; however there are many others available online through various sources.

1.The Sweet Body Of Deborah

When weaves, the story is about an expatriate couple who return from their honeymoon. But after that everything goes down hill for them. When Marcel finds out his ex-wife committed suicide and he starts getting threatened. Because someone think’s that he killed her too. Meanwhile during all this drama Deborah also falls victim to a sexually aroused man by just being near him. Without even knowing why or how it happened…but then learns some very painful facts
But through these experiences she keeps going strong – trusting no one but herself along idedging.

2.Gas lighter

If you want to know “what is gaslighting behaviour” watch the Oscar-winning movie, The Gaslight. It’s a proper reflection on how this form of psychological abuse eats at people from inside and destroys their lives entirely– just like in film where Paula (play name) goes off approximation for Italy as an opera singer like her aunt did before she died; only difference being there are no strange events or situations occur throughout story except one time when protagonist thinks someone else has hooded himself while walking home through dark streets but turns out it was simply.

3.Girl On The Train

Rachel, the protagonist in this movie is a divorcee. However when she travels and sees that perfect strangers couple right next door to her ex-husband’s house;shes catches sight of them through an admiration window on train – which makes me think how lucky we all are because most people don’t get second chances at love! The twist comes later where Megan who was just another passenger becomes separated from friends or family members (we never find out why)and then disappears entirely leaving rachier confused about what might’ve happened.

4. Before I Go To Sleep

When Christine Lucas can’t remember anything, it’s up to her video diary and friends for company. In an effort at remembering the people around you or even making new memories themselves; they share all that has been going on in their lives – from helpful tips about how best handle your professional situation–to what really happened last night when everyone was drinking too much wine!
The protagonist suffers with amnesiacs which means she lacks any sort of long term memory retention ability but still wants someone else there by maintaining a log book every day while taking notes during sessions regarding therapy recommendations (which were suggested). The start starts off smooth enough until we realize something very concerning: This woman may never get back those dear lost moments spent forgetting everything including.


In this short story, a group of teenagers are let into the basement by their lonely middle-aged landlady. But these boy/girl haven’t been given permission to have fun and they quickly find themselves in an absolute nightmare when she turns out not be any more trustworthy. She was a good lady, until she became obsessed with making sure her friends were sober and couldn’t curse anyone. Everything changed when the teens started referring to “Ma” in front of all their new acquaintances- that is how this situation went from being funny or interesting on some level (to at least understand) into an absolute nightmare!

6.The Invisible Man

Based on the novel by H.G Wells, it is a psychological horror film where one of its protagonists has an idea that she might be being stalked. After his suicide though strange things start to happen including invisibility!

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