What are the major areas of maintenance?

Following are the areas where octopus offers its maintenance services:

  • AC service
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Handyman
  • Duct cleaning
  • Water tank cleaning

AC service

Octopus offers a complete and thorough AC service where the professionals schedule a full check, schedule services, deep cleaning, repairs, and routine maintenance. If all this check and balance occurs promptly, then there are no chances you will face any inconvenience regarding your AC, and the regular inspection will prevent you from paying hefty bills. Checkout maintenance companies in dubai to get best service. 

Why do you need to get your AC checked?

Your AC might give you some cool breeze that you can enjoy on your comfortable sofa, but deep down, there must be some minor problems going on that you may be unaware of. These problems may pile up and become a more significant issue. To avoid such cases, one needs to check their ACs more often. Even more, Dubai is a country known for its harsh weather, and over time almost all of the AC units become less powerful and efficient.


A home is complete without good plumbing. You can not even run water smoothly through a faucet if no proper plumbing is done. Whether you are enjoying a hot shower or washing your breakfast utensils, good plumbing leads to a comfortable life. Under this heading, we will guide you about when there is a cause to seek professional help from a plumber? Professionals at octopus are ready 24/7 to assist you with your plumbing issues.

Why should you get the plumbing service?

Your pipes and other plumbing-related systems undoubtedly require your attention. If you neglect it, be ready to spend an arm and leg for the coming cause. Regular maintenance may save you from so many major and minor issues. Also, you will avoid so many problems, but you will live a happy and healthy life with exemplary plumbing service.


Is it possible to spend a whole big day without electricity? Of Course not. It sounds weird. Experts at Octopus will solve your electrical issues truly like a pro. We are always there to help you with a sudden breakdown or any other electrical issue. Even if you want to get maintenance regarding electrical issues, you can always feel free to contact us.

Why is electrical maintenance required?

If you know the basics, you can surely carry out regular electrical checkups. But electricity is a sensitive issue, and one must seek expert help. Experts at octopus are highly talented and quick at inspecting and solving your issues. 


Painting and artwork are other things that add beauty to your house and workplace. Without clean artwork, your home may look untidy. Even more, if you are a DIY kind of person, you can paint your house on your own without any trouble. But if you don’t think you can do it on your own, you can surely hire our expert handyman who can help you with their versatile painting skills.

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Why should you get a new paint look?

Without a good lick of paint, your house may look incomplete. It may also not be attractive because your walls may look ugly. All you need to do is hire our handyman at affordable rates and relax while watching your walls go through an incredible makeover.

Duct cleaning

Have you ever noticed minimal airflow from your air ducts? Have you cleaned them recently? If not, then it’s high time to pay attention to your air ducts. You need to ensure quality and healthy lifestyle. We are here to help you clean your air ducts so you can enjoy a dirt-free life and take in clean air.

Why do you need to get duct cleaning done?

To inhale quality air, your air ducts are cleaned so that you don’t fall into any illness caused by the germs in the air you breathe in.

Water tank cleaning

To avoid health hazards, you surely need to get your water tank cleaned by an expert. Your health must be your priority, and neglecting it may cause you some serious troubles. You use the tank water for drinking, cleaning, and cooking. So you must understand how important it is to get the water tank cleaned regularly. You can always seek our help with professionals who can thoroughly clean your water tank at a minimal cost.


Maintaining a home or workplace is undoubtedly a difficult task and requires your attention. If you neglect the minor issues, they will become more significant after some time and cost you a hefty amount. So contact professionals at Octopus and get the best possible services at your doorsteps.