How much does dog food cost per day?

The answer to this query is not wheels within wheels, yet a lot easier to respond. Pet dogs or puppies require a considerable amount of nutrient minerals in the diet. In this article, you will explore the dog food cost per day. The feeding cost is dependable on various factors, including breed, types of feed, and size of the pet. On that account, it has never been an easy peasy task to develop a single average pet feeding cost. Below are the prices based on the number of calories a dog requires each day. Keep reading and find out the dog food cost and related details.

Different types of dog food

The cost of every feeding plan varies accordingly. Resultantly, the per-day price is also different for different types of dog fodder. Are you probing into the daily dog treats cost? We will help you with it. Check out the details next for a full breakdown of prices.

Dog treats

  • Dry food: 

Out of all the canine food types, dry food is the best one. This dog fodder caters to the dental health of the pups. Moreover, it is also optimal for better oral cavity working. Dry food is cost-friendly too. In short, it is the preferable dog food to choose for impactful tooth and gum functioning.

Cost: The average price of dry food per day is about $0.25-$13.

  • Grain-free:

Grain-free dog fodder covers a lot of necessary pet health corners. This pet food is incredible, from healthy skin, shiny coat, and better breath to an active gut system. Furthermore, if the dog is pregnant, then grain-free food is ultimately a great idea to choose. Thus, it imparts a kinetic jounce to the less active dogs reviving their dull energy level.

Cost: Grain-free costs $0.80 – $1.45 daily feeding the pet.

  • Wet food:

as moisture-rich, wet food is the perfect fodder to keep the pets hydrated. On the other hand, this food is essential for the fluent functioning of the urinary system, including kidneys and nephrons. Also, it will prevent obesity and related diseases. Hence, the pet must consume a suitable amount of wet food twice a day mixed with meals to upkeep the ongoing homeostasis.

Cost: The everyday price of wet food for dogs is about $1 – $6.

  • Puppy food:

For growing pups, puppy food is undoubtedly the ideal feed. This food is essential for the healthy growth of young dogs. Further, it is digestible even for small-sized pups. So, whether it’s protein or vitamins, puppy food incorporates every nutrient vital for the puppies.

Cost: A mediocre 12 ounce can of puppy food is sufficient for a day. It costs around $2.50-$7.

  • Air-dried:

Air-dried dog food is healthy as it is enriched with essential ingredients. Inculcating antioxidants, veggies, and protein strengthens the immune and digestive systems. So, the air-dried is the best dog fodder to opt for as it is easy to digest and grab for the pet and the owner, respectively.

Cost: The air-dried kibble costs $1.97 per pound. Based on that, how much pounds the pup consumes is the average cost of food per day.

  • Spot & Tango:

Spot and Tango food is another excellent dog fodder comprising many sound elements. This dog feed acts as an energy booster for the pets. Moreover, it steers clear the risk of skin rash and allergies. As a result, this dog food is worthwhile free from artificial preservatives and powders.

Cost: Spot & Tango per day is $1-$2, along with startup feeding plans.

  • Raw food:

Raw food for pet dogs is a protein-rich fodder that is phenomenal for the pet’s health. Meanwhile, this food provides bones and joint strength. It is palatable and a portion of highly beneficial food for the fast development of dogs.

Cost: The price of raw food for dogs lies between $6.30 – $6.50 per day.

  • Homemade food:

Homemade dog food is fresh food with controlled ingredients from pet parents. Majorly it contains fruits, vegetables, and chewable supplements. Moreover, the health essentials like proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are a mandatory part of the homemade dog meal.

Cost: Homemade dog food costs around $3 and more for a single day.


Summing it up, the dog food cost is not the same, yet it varies often. The owner needs to watch out for the age and weight of the dog before jumping over the final cost.

Also, meal plans should be comparable to the daily nutrient intake, i.e., obligatory for a pup to consume.