Sirisha Bandla, the woman who will become Indian’s 2nd space explorer!

Sirisha Bandla became the 2nd Indian-born woman to fly into space. She and 5 other astronauts will be on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft for a 6-month mission to the International Space Station. Though she is not the first Indian woman in space (that distinction goes to Sunita Williams). this nonetheless is an impressive accomplishment for Bandla and for India. As we watch her journey into space, let’s learn more about her and what led her to become an astronaut.

Indian-born Sirisha Bandla was the second woman in history to fly into space after Kalpana Chawla. She traveled with British Billionaire Richard Branson and four others for their journey on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Unity from Mexico, US!

Sirisha’s family has been in the US Government for many years, and she grew up near Johnson Space Center. However due to poor eyesight that prevented her from becoming an astronaut or pilot like so many other kids who live nearby NASA’s facilities–she always had one goal: become a scientist. Now at 21-years old with plenty of internships under her belt already (including time spent working on restriction enzymes). It seems inevitable this will all come true soon.

Sirisha pursued a Bachelor of Science

Sirisha pursued a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) from Purdue University, Indiana in Aerospace Engineering; she later went on to earn an MBA degree at The George Washington University where her listnever stopped. As if being determined and decisive wasn’t enough already-this woman had eyesight that would have made sight itself jealous because it never kept Sir Shipa down for long despite all odds thrown against her dream by faulty vision
As someone who was passionate about space travel but knew there were limitations.

Her parents were proud to watch their daughter achieve all of her dreams. They let Her have complete freedom in pursuing whatever she wanted, and it didn’t matter if there were obstacles along the way; nothing could dampen Her determination for success. Sirisha started off at ATA Engineering as a Design Test Analysis Co-operator after working there about three years (2010 – 2013). When suddenly this career opportunity came up with L3 Communications Integrated Systems which is where we currently are today. And rising through ranks quickly afterwards–from Mechanical Engineer then Associate Director.

She’s been through a lot in her career, but she always makes sure to keep things sunny side up. Sirisha was promoted within two years of joining Virgin Galactic as their Business Development & Government Affairs Manager. Then made director for Washington operations team at our company. Before moving onto another role leading up an organization dedicated entirely towards space exploration. The Future Space Leaders Foundation Board member. Not bad going if you can get it. And this woman certainly knows how best do things efficiently without wasting time or resources. A few months ago we reported on one such efficient employee who had achieved great success…

Became the second woman born in India to fly into space

In a historic flight on July 11, 2021 Sirisha Bandla became the second Indian born woman to fly into Space. The52 year old joined Richard Branson and four others in their first fully crewed suborbital test flight from. New Mexico after an hour long delay due bad weather conditions at launch time. She flew up 90 minutes into breakneck speed reaching 5500 meters above sea level. Before landing safely back home again with Unity22 completing its mission successfully. One hour 30 mintues later making this accomplished pilot not only an Asian American. But also part of humanity’s next great generation. who will take us all forwards towards destinations.

Sirisha shares, “I took a very unconventional way to go up in space and I do believe that many people will be able experience this. That’s why we’re here.”
In 2004 Richard Branson started Virgin Galactic with the aim of flying private citizens beyond. Our atmosphere – one Inspired by his own aviation ambitions as well as those who have paid it forward throughspace tourism ventures like Kol Nidre Mobilehome Airport Rentals & AirDrop Service (which provides accessfor pilots needing somewhere safe during training sessions). The trips permit passengers Room Of Weightlessness.

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