Services Movers in Sunnyvale CA offer to their Customers

Moving is another name of tiredness, this is the reason people hire movers in Sunnyvale CA. professional movers are trained in such way to perform every step and task of the moving effectively and on time. But the main part to focus is the pricing and cost you have to pay for these services.

Many people got confuse when it comes to moving cost and moving estimates. Both these terms are different and have different purposes.

Moving Estimate

Moving estimate is an estimated cost given to you at the time of booking. For example, if you have to move your 2-bed apartment, you need to enter every detail to have your moving estimates. Every moving website has this feature where you can easily find your moving estimates by just entering some figures which are related to your house and inventory you moving

Speaking of the 2-bed house, you have to provide the information about your moving weight, moving size, your distance, your moving type and some other questions which are important to answer so that you can have an estimated amount which is near to the actual cost you have to pay.


Moving size is the house you are moving. Moving companies has set their average sizes of the house so if you are moving you 2- bed apartment and you have checked the box, make sure to provide the information if your house and stuff inside your house is bigger than the average 2-bed apartment. This way you are helping jot only the company but also helping your wallet.

Moving Weight

Moving weight is the weight of your stuff. If you are moving 2-bed apartment you need to know that how much weight is your inventory. Sometimes people are unaware of the actual weight of their move so what they do is they book the inspection date.


Movers from the moving company make you your house and inspect your stuff you’re carrying with. This way they can analyze the weight and size of the move they will work on. Noe many people think that inspection before the estimate is free, but in reality, inspection after the estimate is complimentary but if you want inspection before the estimates then you have to pay a certain amount to the movers in Sunnyvale CA. they will them inspect your house and give you a plan chart. That plan chart is also known as working plan for the next 1 week of moving.


After these pre requisites they will also charge for the services. If you want only packing and transportation, they will give you a different amount as compared to the full moving package. Many people avail full moving package because this way they save money on unpacking and unloading. We all know that by availing every moving service you have to pay a certain amount, that is why people hire only one company to avoid hassle finding other movers for different services. This way you saw your money and time at once.


This is the major part in moving or you can say that moving is all about packing. Packing is the major and main part you need to wind when it comes to moving, that is why it is your responsibility to hire number of movers who can easily pack your stuff without any burden. Sometime people hire only one pair of movers for their large house and end up burdening the movers. This is not ethical and right to do, this way you may save your money but you will lose your credibility, so notice these things many companies have restrain hiring 1 pair of lovers for large houses.


Professional movers know how to pack things. They will make sure to keep your things inside the box safe. And for that they use different safety tools and safety sheet. There is a huge difference win safety sheets and safety wraps. Safety sheets are meant to be places inside the box so that the stuff can rest safely. Whereas the safety wraps are meant to wrap the box from outside so that while loading and unloading movers can easily place them without hesitating or worrying about the things inside the box.

Apart from this they also use different t techniques to tape all the boxes. First, they make categories for each box and then tape with different colors. Color tape is use to identify the things inside the box so that while loading the mover can easily understand what box is fragile and what is easy to put anywhere in the truck. for example, red tape is use for fragile boxes whereas blue, black and white are used for different categories.

This will help movers to load the boxes at their desired place.

On the Bottom Line

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