Outdoor Roller Shade: The Ultimate Guide You Need to Know

The summer season is here. Many people want to go outside and enjoy the natural weather in an outdoor roller shade. However, due to the scorching heat during the summer months, your bedrooms and other rooms of your house will be heated up and might become uncomfortable. You can use the air conditioner to cool down your house, but remember that the energy bills will also go higher. 

If you want to ensure that the interior of your house remains cool and calm, you need to purchase the outdoor roller shades. The outdoor roller shades are extremely effective as they will allow you to control the amount of sunlight to enters your house. But how will you know that the outdoor roller shades are a perfect and relevant investment for you? Continue reading the article to the end to know more. 

What are the Outdoor Roller Shades?

The functionality of the outdoor roller shades is almost the same as the interior shades. However, the primary difference between these two shades is the materials. The outdoor roller shades are made of PVC material, which develops a mesh-like fabric that allows light to pass through. As per Science Direct, PVC is a polymer. Unlike the indoor shades, the outdoor roller shades are made of heavy-duty materials that are capable of withstanding the harshness of the weather conditions. They are not only fade-resistant but also waterproof. Get Roof Replacement from the best company.

Is It Possible to See Through the Outdoor Rollers Shades?

One of the most eye-catching features of an outdoor roller shade is that you will be able to prevent the UV rays and sunlight from entering your house without darkening the room completely. This means that you can see through the outdoor roller shades when you’re inside your house. But people outside won’t be able to see through your house. However, the privacy level of the outdoor roller shades is dependent on the openness of the fabric you’re choosing. Some fabrics are capable of blocking 99% of sunlight, whereas others might not prove highly effective at blocking sunlight and UV rays. 

Remember that dark-colored outdoor roller shades are easier to see through than light-colored ones. This is because they don’t reflect sunlight. 

Are Outdoor Roller Shades Waterproof?

This is a common question people ask while purchasing outdoor roller shades. When you purchase high-quality and durable outdoor roller shades from our website, you don’t need to worry about the waterproofing feature. All of our outdoor roller shades are waterproof. They won’t let water pass through. This means that water cannot damage the outdoor roller shades. 

How Can You Clean the Outdoor Shades?

This is one of the most important things you need to know about outdoor roller shades. This way you can extend the functionality of the outdoor roller shades. Hose the roller shades gently to remove pollen from the surface. If the stains are tougher, you can use a mixture of water and mild dish soap to clean them properly. 


This is the ultimate guide you need to know about outdoor roller shades. If you have any other questions, contact us and we will solve your queries.