More great phone wallpapers for Wednesday

I am pleased to present you a selection of the best Android wallpapers created by our readers and our members.

It’s Wallpaper Wednesday again! I hope you have a great week! We’re going to share a limited number of Android wallpapers in this week’s roundup, which you can be used on your phone or tablet, as well as your laptop or PC. We will be using images from our readers as well as from the folks at Android Authority. Each image is free to use without any watermarks attached. The file formats we will be providing are JPG and PNG, and the images will be provided in both landscape and portrait modes, so they will be able to be displayed on a variety of screens.

Check out this Drive link for the newest walls as well as all the ones that have been uploaded since last week. Interested in submitting one of your own? You can find out how to do it at the bottom of the article.

Wallpaper Wednesday

Once again, we’re back with some new awesome Android wallpapers to share! Our readers and Android Authority staff have once again provided us with another great gallery of images. Please do not forget to submit your imageTo find out how you can have your photos and artwork featured on our site, please read the inforThis week, we have three awesome images from our readers that you can use on your phone, tablet, or You can also see a few images from the Android Authority team as well. The Android Authority team has contributed some images as well.

The first shot comes from reader Saqif Choudhury, who shot this peaceful shot in Vermont’s Elmore State Park. Saqif used the Google Pixel 5 to take the photo. Additionally, we have a wonderful image from reader Deon Pilkington shot from northern Arizona at the close of the day. We have one last picture for you for today, which was taken in the garden of Teena Kapadia and her husband. Teena Kapadia must have a wonderful place there.

A beautiful mountain shot from Jimmy Westenberg comes to us from the Android Authority team. In addition, Jonathan Feist has managed to capture a cool shot of fireworks for us as well. Rita El Khoury brings us this marvelous macro shot of bark from a tree which is the final shot in our collection.h is the final shot in our collection.

Here is the link to our Drive where you can download these photos in their highest resolution.

How to submit your own Android wallpapers?

Our Wallpaper Wednesday project couldn’t be more exciting without your contributions. Here are some important rules to follow before submitting:

You should only submit work you have written yourself. You should submit photos and digital artwork that you have created yourself. Do not submit work created by someone else. Doing so would be a waste of time.
It is required that you agree to let Android Authority make available to anyone your Android wallpapers for free.
Images that are watermarked will not be accepted. Nevertheless, your name will appear in the article as well as a link giving you credit. Your website, your Twitter and Instagram can be linked to in the article.
What are you waiting for? Please contact us by clicking the button below. To submit a photograph, you will need the highest-resolution version of the photograph you can supply, your name, and a brief description of what the photograph is about. It is optional to link to a page you own in your credit, but if you wish to do so, please feel free to provide that, as well.

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