In Stardew Valley, how long is a season?

Stardew Valley is different from other games in that seasons, in addition to affecting gameplay, have a direct impact on how the game looks from a visual standpoint. In addition to crops, fish, and foraging items, each season offers something unique while playing it.
Despite the fact that players can play Stardew Valley for as many years as they want, they can only play for a limited amount of days in any given season. The result is that season-exclusive items are only available for a very limited amount of time to players, unless they wish to wait until the following year for the same items to become available.

Season length in Stardew Valley

A stardew valley can be divided into four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. During each of these seasons, the in-game days last for 28 days.

The first day of spring marks the start of a new game in Stardew Valley. As winter will eventually pass and we begin to go through all four seasons of the year, the game will advance a year when spring will arrive once more.

A particular season will have a few crops that will only be available during those 28 days only and no other crops will be available. Pierre’s General Store (or JojaMart) is also well-known for changing its seed stock according to the seasons as well. The seeds of cauliflower and potatoes, for example, can be purchased only in the spring, whereas melon seeds can be purchased all throughout the summer.

With the unlocking of the greenhouse, the player is no longer restricted by the seasons when it comes to farming crops as they can farm any crop regardless of the current season. It is important that the min-maxers in Stardew Valley take into account the length of the season. In order to decide between Speed-Gro and Fertilizer based on the time till harvest of a specific multi-harvest crop.

There is a great deal of variation in the daily schedules of the townspeople of Stardew Valley in accordance with the seasons. There are distinct differences between the daily routine of Mayor Lewis. And Linus during each season, for example.

Stardew Valley – Best Spring Crops

In this part, we will discuss how to get the best spring crops that will make the character richly rewarded. At the beginning of the game. The player is given 500 gold and 15 turnip seeds. The rest is now up to you as to how to turn these things into crops that will bring you a lot of money. We have prepared this guide as a guide for that purpose. The guide should be followed carefully so you will be able to harvest the crop successfully. In this article, we will discuss which crops are most appropriate for harvesting in the Spring time.


It is easier to farm for these crops in the Spring Season than they are in the Fall Season. Their advantages can not be denied. The strawberries’ seeds will be sold to you by an egg festival vendor on the 13th Spring season for 100 gold each, if you purchase them at the Egg Festival.

You will also be able to purchase strawberries’ crops at 120 gold each. When it comes to strawberry seeds, you should buy the maximum amount during the season based on your budget. So that you can harvest the strawberries the following spring. It takes strawberries 4 days to grow, so there is a good chance you will get the most out of your strawberries. In fact, these are the most popular crops during spring. Read on for more information about how to farm each crop.


There is also a downside to these crops in that they take 13 days to be harvested. This means that it takes a lot of time for these crops to grow. Moreover, you can also buy Ruharb crops from the Desert Oasis for 100 gold as you can buy Strawberries from the Desert Oasis. Incredibly enough, these crops sell for 220 gold each when they are harvested. It is for this reason that they are so much more profitable.


There are two ways you can grow cauliflowers: you can either buy the seeds in Pierre’s Shop for 80 gold or grow them yourself in 12 days. The seeds sell for 175 gold each in a quantity sufficient to grow cauliflowers. That is not bad at all but again, it comes at the expense of a longer growth time


In Pierre’s general store, you can buy Potato seeds for 50 gold, which is quite a lot less than the cost of selling them at 80 gold. Since there is a smaller profit margin, Potato seeds are the most profitable. On top of that, they are among the fastest growing seeds. It is possible to farm potatoes and make money even if you do not have enough gold.

Green Bean

One of the most popular crops for beginners is green beans. Green peas are available for purchase at Pierre’s general store for 80 gold pieces. They can be harvested six times at this price. You can also purchase them for 180 gold. You will make the most money by doing this.

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