Materials for Yoimiya Ascension: Sources and amount revealed

In preparation for Yoimiye’s release around the corner. Gamers have been eagerly awaiting the release of this new 5-star Pyro Shooter from Genshin Impact. It has been her personality as well as her explosive arsenal that have contributed to her popularity. Among the fan base as she appears to be a powerful DPS choice for those who invoke her.

Players who plan on experiencing Yoimiya’s wishes should ensure that their materials for Ascension are ready, because leveling the character requires a considerable amount of resources.

Material for Yoimiya Ascension: Genshin Impact

As a player, if someone is looking to become the power of Yoimiya in Inazuma. Then he or she will need to spend some resin in order to obtain the Pyro Hypostasis. A new scroll curse and to find the scroll that the Hilichurl shaman has hidden.

Furthermore, Naku Weed must also be collected in order to complete his quest. It can be found all around Inazuma, and especially on Kannazuka Island. According to the table below. Players will require the exact amount of ascension material to raise their Yoimiya to level 90.

Agnidus Agati and glowing pearls

There are 46 smoldering pearls needed for Yoimiyi to reach Level 90. Which means that players will have to beat Pyro Hypostasis more than once in order to collect enough of these Ascension materials.

Fortunately, Pyro Hypostasis isn’t really a difficult character to deal with if you have a powerful Hydro character. While processing this boss, players with Genshin Impact can also take some Agnidus Agate.

To climb Yoimiya, they will need the following amount of time:

1 x Agnid agate fragment

Slivers of 9x Agnidus Agate

9 pieces of agit Agus

Agnidus Agate, 6 pieces

Naku Weed

There are a number of ways to collect the Naku Weed – au Genshin Impact. Providing the player has a map to follow, and this video provides an excellent route for completing that task.

There are also some plants which can be grown in a Serenite pot, including Naku Weed, so players should equip their seed dispensary as well. It will likely make the process of collecting seeds even easier.

For Yoimiye fans to elevate their characters to the 90th level, they will need 168 Naku Weeds

Sealed Scrolls

Yoimiya’s Ascension scrolls are thrown out by Hilichurl Shamans as the final item that Genshin Impact players will need. While the enemies in this game are quite common, monitoring is required in order to grow them properly.

To find Hilichurl Shamane in a player’s Adventure Handbook. They can also follow the information in the following guide.

In order for Yoimiyi to reach level 90, he needs the following scrolls:

Rotating coils of 18 x

Scrolls of 30x sealed

Curse of the forbidden 36x

In order to achieve Ascending Yoimiya, all of these materials will have to be collected. In addition to the Expedition materials and Mora pieces of equipment. Yoimiya’s banner will soon be available. So if you’re planning to use her in your team, then it’s definitely time for you to start thinking.

Talent Materials for Yoimiya

Rare Items

  • 18x Dragon Lord’s Crown
  • 3x Crown of Insight


  • 4,950,000 Mora

Monster Drops

  • 18 Divining Scroll
  • 66 Sealed Scroll
  • 93 Forbidden Curse Scroll


  • 9 Teachings of Transience
  • 63 Guides to Transience
  • 114 Philosophies of Transience

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