Ajax in Genshin Impact: The Harbinger from Fatui

An impressive Fatui Harbinger with outstanding fighting skills. Ajax in Genshin Impact is referred to as Tartaglia or Childe.

The warrior that Childe is today was not always that way. A detailed account of Liyue’s background is given in the story of his life. Players will be able to learn more about Childe’s life prior to becoming Harbinger thanks to Genshin Impact’s story pages.

Ajax story in Genshin Impact

When I was a child, I was eleven years old. There were no such names as “Childe” and “Tartaglia” affixed to Fatui Harbinger in the past. Fatui Harbinger was given the name Ajax after a story of a hero in his childhood.

There were several times when Ajax and his father would go ice fishing together, chopping snow in search of a fishing spot, and taking care of their lines. Ajax’s father would often tell stories from his past adventures during these moments of connecting with family. Those who have heard of these tales would think of the same way of life as Ajax and would imagine it for their own lives.

With a short sword and some bread. He left his parent’s house at the age of fourteen. While he was not a strong fighter at the time, he was about to change that.

In a snowy forest, Ajax happened to get lost and was chased by wild animals. The man slipped as he fled and fell into a crack in the ground as he tried to flee. Upon reaching the dark realm, Ajax found himself separated from the normal world which was a strange experience.

In the mysterious empire of which Ajax came from. A mysterious swordswoman acted as the mentor of Ajax, making him the warrior he became in the long run. Three days had passed in the real world. But with a fear of conflict and struggle he would return home with three days behind him.

Violence followed Ajax to every place that he went. Eventually, he was given to Fatuim by his father. Who hoped that the life of a soldier might calm his temper a little.lp to calm him down. It is to say, however, that things ultimately did not play out as planned.

When Ajax was still only a teenager

When Ajax was still only a teenager, Pulcinelle. The fifth Herald, was impressed by his ability to get rid of enemy forces. Even though Ajax had to work his way up to being a member of Fatui, Harbinger made him an official member.

As a result of his achievements towards the Empress. Ajax was able to defeat powerful opponents in the service of the Empress and eventually. Become one of the youngest Harbingers in Fatui history. The new title he earned from his new position earned him the nickname “Childe” Tartaglia.

The Cryo Archon Tsaritsa gave Ajax his Misconception at some point during his service with Fatui. It is believed that the first Fatui in history, Jester. Bowed allegiance to the archon and fastened an ancient badge to his belt.

While Tartaglia has the reputation of being one of the most powerful heralds. She does not always interact with her peers face to face. A notable difference between Fatui and Childe is that Fatui have a tendency to deceive. While Childe is proud to keep his word. In addition, Fatui often sends the 11th Herald away from Snezhnaya. To help prevent disorderly consequences, as chaos continues to follow the Herald.

Tartaglia is less than likely to reappear in the Genshin Impact story in the future. For a nUpon their arrival in Scheznaya. Which could take approximately three years. The Traveler will most likely beDue to the fact that Childe is often active outside of Genshin Impact. Players can see him at any time because he is always on the go. Impact, players can see him at any time.

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