How Can I Protect Myself Through Manifestation?

We think so many thoughts on a daily basis, right?! It is true that we do not have control over every single one of our thoughts and intentions that we manifest, however, did you know that there is a way through which we can manifest in order to protect ourselves?! Before we get into the integrities of manifestation and how it can be used to protect ourselves, we have a few simple questions for you – take a moment and look around your living space, what do you feel when you see a decorative item on your table? Are you happy? Are you pissed? Does it invoke optimism? Or is it a mix of numerous feelings and thoughts? The options are endless, but the reason why we are asking this is to help you realize that our mind works in mysterious ways, but one element is stagnant. Our 5 senses. Touch, see, smell, hear, and taste – these are all elements that influence your subconscious and work like a magnet to attract the events that are going on in your life. 

Unintentional or passive manifestation takes place in our mind and pushes an individual towards events and scenarios which might not always be beneficial for them. To avoid that, what can we do? Control manifestation and drive it onto a path that enhances protection. In this article, we will explore the many ways through which an individual can benefit their well-being by protecting themselves from harm’s way – through manifestation!

The Role of Crystals in Protection & Manifestation 

Crystals are famous for being the most powerful of all the minerals. They are believed to have healing properties and can detoxify the body by eliminating toxins. The idea that crystals have healing properties originated in ancient Greece. They believed that geometrical shapes could play an important role in maintaining life balance and health. Crystals were also used for divination purposes, for spiritual development, and then later on, for aesthetic purposes. Crystals are naturally occurring rocks that are found on the earth but are not necessarily made of one type of mineral. There are over 7,000 types of crystals. Throughout history, certain crystals have been believed to have healing properties. They were used by many cultures in many ways. They also were worn as jewelry for protection against evil or to ward off bad luck.

The 3 Best Crystals for Protection

Everyone has intuition. And if you are tapping into yours, then you know that sometimes it’s not reliable because the information that’s coming through is inconsistent. Every one of us has a different vibration that can be affected by our perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, and physical condition at the time. That’s why having access to a wide array of tools to assist our intuitions works best. Crystals are one of those tools. Protective amulets were made from natural materials such as bone, wood, and stone in ancient times – nowadays you can get them from authentic crystal jewelry stores such as Karma & Luck, and guess what?! You won’t even have to leave your house because they deliver to your doorstep! Now you can manifest in peace.


So instead of going into a lengthy explanation about how each crystal works, as this is not an article about the different types of crystals, we will share six special crystals that can protect you in various ways. Follow along to know more:

Clear Quartz 

Clear quartz is a rock crystal that has been shaped into a sphere. It has a variety of names, such as clear quartz, white quartz, or rock crystal. It can be found in different areas of the world such as Brazil, Africa, Australia, and the United States. Clear quartz is usually transparent but can sometimes be milky or cloudy. Clear quartz is a crystal of clarity, which makes it useful for protection against negativity. It absorbs negative energy and returns it to the sender. This crystal can be used in numerous methods, from simply carrying it around or wearing it as jewelry to using it in grid work or healing layouts. Clear quartz is a stone that stores energy. It’s used for healing, storing information, and manifesting desires. It has the ability to absorb negativity and disperse it as positive energy. Clear quartz is a crystal that protects you from negative energy. It also helps to increase your self-confidence, and it can help to bring clarity to situations that are confusing or difficult. Clear quartz is also a stone of clarity and protection. It can also be used to enhance psychic ability. If you are feeling confused or overworked, clear quartz can help you focus on what’s important.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a stone that’s associated with grounding. It can reduce stress and calm you. Black tourmaline is also said to reduce radiation and connect you to the earth. Black Tourmaline is a grounding stone. It can be used to ground and protect any space. This crystal absorbs and transforms negative energy and protects against environmental pollutants, including electromagnetic pollution. Use Black tourmaline crystal for grounding your space. It is great for removing negativity and cleansing the environment, which can help to relieve stress. Black tourmaline is an excellent crystal to have in any space, particularly in the bedroom. It helps to ground any negative energy, and it will work to protect you from a psychic attack. Place Black tourmaline crystal in the corners of a room to ground it to stabilize all vibrations. You may also keep it in a clear glass bowl filled with water or bury it beneath the floor if you want to ground a larger area. Black tourmaline is a grounding stone that has been used for centuries to protect against negativity. It is also said to be useful in healing old wounds and increasing self-confidence.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a rock, so it can be used as a gemstone. It is formed by volcanic lava and is known for its sharp edges. This rock is also called volcanic glass due to its smooth texture. Black obsidian gives off negative ions, which attract positive energy into the wearer or user of this stone. Black obsidian is a glassy volcanic rock that is usually black in color. It is often used when you want to attract positive energy, such as love and money, into your life. Black obsidian is believed to clear the mind of negative thoughts and reduce stress. Black obsidian is an ideal stone for healing. It absorbs and transforms negativity from the environment into positive energy, which can be used to attract positive energy. It is an excellent stone for use in crystal grids, placed at each corner of the grid to attract good luck and abundance. Black obsidian is used to attract positive energy and prevent negative energy from entering the home. This stone has been widely used in ancient times for its protective properties, and it is believed that it removes negative energy from a person or a place by absorbing it.

Protect Yourself From Harm and Negative Energy!

Many people are scared of the dark or afraid of what might be lurking in the shadows. The best way to protect yourself is through manifestation, using protection stones and crystals. With so many forms of protection from amulets, talismans, and spells, it can be hard to know what is effective in warding off bad luck. In this article, we talked about how you can protect yourself through manifestation and discussed some common items that you may already have on hand. We hope these tips have been helpful!