Buying Cryptocurrency for the First Time: Where to Start?

When a beginner trader comes to the crypto market first, one may need clarification on the variety of digital assets and services that allow one to buy crypto. In this article, we will talk about the best places to buy cryptocurrency and how to take your first steps.

The First Step – Pick a Crypto Asset

Crypto rankings and platforms offer a crypto price list. The top-traded digital coins come first: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc.

Other factors to consider:

  • Trade volume
  • Market capitalisation
  • Emission of coins or tokens (if it is limited, the demand will be supported)
  • Technology underlying the asset
  • The project’s founders and their reputation
  • Social networks and community engagement.

We recommend picking a project with a good reputation and the benefits that it brings to the market. It directly impacts the value of cryptocurrencies. The more benefits the project brings, the more clients it has, and the more partnerships and supporters; thus, the bigger the chances that its price will increase.

The Second Step – Pick an Exchange

Many crypto services and platforms allow buying cryptocurrency, but not all of them deserve trust. It is advisable to pick a big and reputable crypto platform that will provide a full range of services and trading tools. For example, a large and official WhiteBIT exchange. It operates under European jurisdiction and ensures the safety of clients’ funds. There are over 400 crypto pairs to trade and the possibility to deposit real money into an account. Registered and verified users have access to unlimited deposits and withdrawals and advanced trading tools like futures, margins, etc.

To buy your first crypto, register on the WhiteBIT exchange, pass verification, add your bank card to your account, move the necessary amount of fiat money to your account, enter the Trade section and pick a digital coin you wish to buy. The platform will offer you the current price and the fee you will have to pay for the transaction. Once the commission is paid, you get crypto coins in your account.