Burglaries happen all over the world. It is very difficult to guard against them. Many countries have no strategy on how to deal with these groups. In this article we would like to show you how to make your house more secure. This way you can sit back and play best odds on sports betting.

For comparison, Peru has the highest burglary rate in the world, with 2,086 burglaries per 100,000 inhabitants per year. The lowest burglary rate in the world is in Bangladesh: 1 per 100,000. Australia has the third highest burglary rate in the world with 911 burglaries per 100,000 inhabitants. In the U.S., the burglary rate is 527 per 100,000 population – 15th out of 85 countries for which data are available.

So, of course, it depends on where you live. But you should always be cautious. There is no reason to take chances. 

Below are some brief and easy-to-follow guidelines. 


These simple steps will help you feel more comfortable at home every day. First, and most importantly, you should always secure your doors. But that is not the only access you can take. So pay attention to your windows as well. So never forget to lock your windows. If a criminal feels like he is being watched, he won’t do anything right. So better give him that feeling by lighting up the landscape. 

There is one more step you can take. That is to set up a security system. To prevent someone from entering the house when you do not want them to, it is also better to close the garage. 

Do not forget about the garage. 

Since you have a Wi-Fi router, you should protect it with a password. Because once it is hacked, criminals can access all the information you put there. This could be anything from bank account details to personal information. 

Eliminate hiding places. So, light up the entire room. That way, no one can hide and watch you. Then another step would be to install security cameras. This will give you a better overview of your property. 

Even if someone manages to break in, you can make it harder for them to find something valuable while you keep it in a safe. It is really difficult and time-consuming to crack a safe. 

Use home automation. This is also valuable advice. 

And one last piece of advice is to avoid open fires. To prevent house fires.

But if you still feel unsafe, there is a huge market to get into. 

Many new tech devices have made our homes safer. Much of the smart home technology focuses on security. 

You can also install a full-fledged alarm system. This will ring if someone tries to force open a window or door. 

Better fencing around your yard will also help. This will make it harder for criminals to enter your property. 

There is a spare key for every door. You should hide these well. It is common for people to lose their keys. But then you have a backup and can replace the lockboxes.

If you have other smaller buildings on your property that you do not spend much time in, you should get a special lockbox there as well. A very strong one that makes it impossible to break into.

It is expensive to improve home security. But the feeling of being safe and secure at home is priceless. Once someone breaks in, everything will change. So it is better to take some preventive measures and invest in your future.