What is covered under Van breakdown insurance?

Having the appropriate breakdown protection in place is crucial if you need insurance policies to keep your company operating, whether for electricians, plumbers, or the transfer of equipment. Our policy options provide you with a selection of policies and coverage options that range from the UK to European.

How does Van Breakdown Cover work?

When it comes to van breakdown insurance for anybody who owns and drives one of these vehicles, it doesn’t matter if you’re a single proprietor, company owner, or personal driver. Vans are essential to the work of many individuals, including plumbers, cleaners, electricians, gardeners, delivery workers, and even dog walkers. Breakdown protection may ensure that you aren’t left stuck for an extended period if your vehicle breaks down.

Vehicles used for business purposes or those that are too large, broad, or heavy may not be covered under a standard policy. In these circumstances, it may be more beneficial to get specialised business van breakdown coverage. It is possible to have a fleet breakdown coverage that covers all of a company’s cars.

What are fleet breakdown insurance and commercial vehicle breakdown protection?

Commercial breakdown insurance is meant for cars utilised for commercial reasons, such as a delivery driver hauling food or other items. Commercial breakdown coverage is required if you use your vehicle or van for business since standard breakdown policies do not cover commercial operations.

There are plans designed specifically for companies with many cars that also cover commercial vehicles. Businesses may get fleet breakdown insurance for cars and vans to ensure that their drivers can contact emergency assistance if anything goes wrong with their car or van while on the road.

Do I Require Van Breakdown Insurance?

Unlike normal auto insurance, having van breakdown coverage is not legally required. It’s important to note that having breakdown insurance may save both you and your company time and money in the long term.

What do we provide? 

  • We shall be available to support you in the event of a breakdown around the clock. You may expect us to arrive at your location after a wait of around sixty to ninety minutes.
  • Should it not be possible for us to fix your vehicle within 60 minutes, we will arrange for the transport of your van and any passengers to the closest garage for repairs.
  • We will drive your van and any passengers to your desired location or house of your choice within the UK if we cannot fix your car that day.

What is Covered?

The insurance levels for van breakdown coverage are much the same as those for other cars and may contain a wide range of various policy features, some of which we’ve included below:

Driving Assistance

In the event of a breakdown, all of our van breakdown insurance include roadside assistance. Getting you up and running it’s generally the first thing your support provider will try. Visit our roadside help website for more information.

Highway Recovery

Whenever feasible, you should expect to have your vehicle fixed right there on the side of the road. Even our basic coverage guarantees that your van will be transported to a nearby garage within 10 miles of your breakdown to be serviced that day if you cannot accomplish this. If this is not possible, our regular coverage even offers the option of continuing your journey. Customers will be given the choice of complimentary public transportation to bring them to their destination, a new rental car, or even overnight lodging for up to £150 for one person. So regardless of how serious the breakdown may seem, we have you covered. But keep in mind that certain constraints to these situations could be there. Please read your documentation carefully.

State-wide Recoveries

In certain policies, a countrywide recovery is an additional option to roadside recovery. Your car, you, and the guests could be transported back to your home address or, if it is nearer, your chosen destination, as long as the location is inside the United Kingdom.

Home Assist

The home start is among our policies. You may rest easy knowing that if your van breaks down within one mile of your official home address, we’ll send someone to your aid to get you back on the road. In the end, every second counts.

Keys locked inside the vehicle

Unfortunately, the Keys Are Safely Locked Inside the Vehicle

European Road Assistance

Vans have coverage available throughout Europe from some of our support partners.

Vehicle Recovery in or From Europe

If your car gets into trouble in or out of Europe, we have a variety of methods to help you bring it back.

What is not Covered?

  • Any malfunction that existed before the purchase
  • Any Failure Caused By A Pre-Existing Fault
  • Mis-Fuelling
  • The Price Of Each Part
  • Courier and delivery vehicles that are hired and returned.
  • Tyre Defects Where The Vehicle Does Not Have A Serviceable Spare Tire

Advantages of our coverage

  • Highway Rescue
  • Highway Recovery
  • Various Transportation
  • Forward Movement
  • Continental Cover