Wear 3 Ply Disposable Face Mask And Avoid Infections

With Covid-19 constantly changing its variant every now and then and spreading to remote corners of the world, it is becoming difficult to control the infection. What we can do is take only proper care of ourselves. Washing our hands at regular intervals, maintaining a safe distance from others, or using a hand sanitizer can help avoid Covid and other air and water-borne infections. However, the most essential of these is wearing face masks. N95 & KN95face masks are ideal for the purpose. However, growing market demand and high prices are almost out of reach for ordinary people.

Many people wear cloth masks, but that does not do much good to your well-being except for the look. Some of them have a smart look donning them with a particular brand name or company logo. So what should one do to avoid getting infected with Covid-19 and other airborne viruses and pollution? Wearing a 3-ply disposable face mask is the best option, and one should use them to stay healthy and hearty.

The Benefits of Wearing These Masks 

Wearing 3 ply disposable face mask can prevent people from staying away from many infections, including Covid.

  • Can Block Virus Attacks By 95% – It has been proven that a good quality 3-ply disposable face mask can prevent virus-related infections more than cloth masks by 95%. One can stay protected wearing 3 ply masks to a much extent. It is always said that prevention is better than cure, so wearing these masks can prevent the attack of viruses and other airborne particles.
  • More Breathable – Unlike cloth masks or other masks except N95 or KN 95, one can experience better breathability in 3-ply face masks. One can stay comfortable and breathe almost fresh air wearing this mask.
  • Cheaper In Price – Quality masks are too costly to dispose-off the masks after every use. However, this is the best thing to do and also has been advised by the health experts. The price of 3 ply disposable face mask is affordable, and it does not burn a hole in the user’s pocket. Thus, one can stay protected by wearing 3-ply masks spending less from their pockets, and disposing of them once used. 
  • Easy Availability – 3 plies disposable face mask is available abundantly in the market. One can purchase these masks in bulk from any offline or online stores, and many renowned manufacturers manufacture and sell these masks online in bulk quantities. Even the best quality of these masks has a nose pin to adjust the mask over the bridge of their nose and stay comfortable wearing them.
  • Water-Resistant – If you are worried about changing the masks now and then as they get wet due to your working needs, wear a 3-ply disposable face mask, as the outer layer is water-resistant and does not wet the inner layers, unlike cloth masks. Again, the best manufacturers go for UV sterilization of these masks before they are packed.  
  • Does Not Hurt The Ears – Many masks hurt the ears as the elastic bands and loops sit tight around them. The elastic of a good quality 3-ply face mask does not hurt the ears, and even some masks have provisions for adjusting the elastic band to stay comfortable wearing them so that you can wear them for a long time.


It is time to forget the myths and blues of wearing a face mask and get protected from Covid-19 and other airborne infections. Use a good quality 3-ply disposable face mask and stay protected and safe. It is high time to use them and avoid infections.