Visit New York City: Things to See and Bonus Tips

Visiting New York City is a must for any person who loves to travel. It is an iconic place, and a testament to our ability as humankind. The famous concrete jungle that is New York is a limitless place for artists, entrepreneurs, and hustlers. Go-getters, dreamers, and everyone in between has a place in New York. While visiting this great city is a must, deciding what to do once you’re there is a beast in and of itself. There’s so much to New York City it can hardly be conquered in a single trip, and requires the respect of multiple, lengthy visits, or perhaps even a period of residence, to really understand its ins and outs. 

Having a helping hand in creating the itinerary for your visit to New York can make your stay there all that much better. With an idea of what to try, where to go, and what to see, you can avoid wasting days humming and hawing trying to decide how to spend your free time. 

Central Park

Whether it’s your first time visiting New York, your 50th time visiting, or you’re a permanent resident there, Central Park is a must-see. Even if you just have a lay-over at JFK, you can use the luggage storage in JFK airport to pop out and go take a quick trip through Central Park. It will be well worth the extra security check, and with secure luggage storage right at the airport, it couldn’t be more convenient to store your things in between flights, and take a walk through the gorgeous Central Park to stretch your legs.

Central park isn’t like every other park though. Central park contains several bodies of water, which make it a favorite among boaters and others who are particularly fond of water sports. On top of that, it offers an immense amount of activities in which visitors can partake. They offer yoga classes, bike rentals, park tours, and so much more. There are even concerts that are held in Central Park. It really has a little something for everyone, kind of like New York itself. You can even get married in Central Park, to really make the occasion special.

Beyond the long list of events and activities that Central Park offers its visitors, it is also home to a zoo and two ice-rinks. Whether you’re just passing through New York briefly, or you’re going to be spending a bit of time there, visiting Central Park is a must.  

One World Observatory

The One World Observatory is the main building of what is now the rebuilt world trade center. It is located in lower Manhattan, and it holds a special place in many people’s hearts. It is also one of the main attractions in the Manhattan burrow. The One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the United States. In fact, it is the tallest building in the whole western hemisphere and is currently the 7th tallest building in the world. There are a few different ways to enjoy a visit to the One World Observatory. Firstly, there is a restaurant and dining experience that visitors are welcome to book in advance. These meals are enjoyed alongside incredible views of the skyline and the sprawling New York landscape. It really does feel like something out of a movie being up there and looking out over the whole city. 

The observatory is the other part of the fun when it comes to this attraction. Looking down and seeing the world from a whole new perspective can be chilling, inspiring, and awe-striking. Not to mention, the elevator ride is pretty fun, too. 


Broadway is a total staple of New York. So much so, the two are nearly synonyms for one another. If you’re booking an extended stay in New York you have to consider making time one evening, or perhaps a Sunday afternoon, for a broadway musical. These shows are on a whole different level when it comes to talent, skill, and creativity. 

New York simply wouldn’t be what it is today without broadway. 

American Museum of Natural History

Speaking of things that wouldn’t be how they are today, the American Museum of Natural History is another wonderful site to spend some time at in New York. This museum was founded in New York in 1869 and is proud to be one of the world’s leaders in cultural and scientific collections. 

The museum’s mission statement reads, “To discover, interpret, and disseminate—through scientific research and education—knowledge about human cultures, the natural world, and the universe.” They do this through a variety of avenues, but notably through the Richard Gilder Graduate School.

Wrapping Up

New York is a brilliant tapestry of humanity. There is a little corner in New York City for everyone, no matter where they’ve come from or who they are. It’s a city that opens its arms to everyone and anyone. 

NYC is vibrant and amazing. When exploring the city, you will have to involve in every bit of the place. Lugging heavy bags can be tiresome. Just drop off your bags with Vertoe and enjoy your time in NYC.