Top Tourist Towns That Are Worth Settling Down In    

Tourist towns are popular for a reason – you often get there and feel like you never want to leave.

 It could be the area attractions, history, or general vibe of the place that cause this. There are many areas that are considered “touristy” that are actually perfect places to settle for life.

Memphis, Tennessee

The next time you’re looking at Memphis houses for sale, look past the big attractions like Graceland that seem to draw everyone in. 

While that’s an important part of the area, there is so much more to appreciate. Memphis is a patchwork of various neighborhoods that bring their own unique cultures artistically, in the way of food, historically, and in the personas of the people themselves.

Jobs in STEM are on the rise there, leading the way for high-paying employment opportunities. 

Additionally, Memphis’s housing expenses are 34% lower than the national average, and cost of living overall is 17% lower than the national average.

Palm Beach, Florida

There’s enough sun and sand to go around for everyone – natives and tourists alike – but that’s not all the area has to offer.

Palm Beach has a blossoming technology industry, with app developers and web innovators carving out a new innovation hub. There is also ample opportunity in the healthcare sector with employers like the Cancer Center of South Florida, JFK Medical Center-North Campus, and St. Mary’s Medical Center.

The city’s school district has the eighth-highest graduation rate in the nation, and it’s home to several highly rated universities like Palm Atlantic Beach University, South University, and Palm Beach State College.

Brewster, Massachusetts

Cape Cod is a huge spot for tourists in New England, and Brewster is part of that area.

It has a highly regarded public school system and if often considered a top place for families to take up residency.

There are many museums, shops, state parks, restaurants, and other entertainment venues to enjoy. The area falls quiet in the fall and winter when the tourists have departed, and there is still a lot left for locals to do.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best places to grow up. It has sandy beaches and winding boardwalks, as well as a great local community that goes at a slower pace.

The area has top-notch schools, a pleasant climate year-round, low crime and tax rates, and an economy that is flourishing. It’s also one of the most affordable places to live on the east coast.

Concord, New Hampshire

This New England town offers residents a cost of living that’s lower than the national average, all four seasons, and so much to do in the way of entertainment.

It’s home to a number of primary and secondary schools that rank high in education, and many postsecondary educational institutions like NHTI, Concord’s Community College, The University of New Hampshire School of Law, and Granite State College.

The opportunities for employment are strong and varied, with top employers being Concord Hospital, the Concord School District, and Lincoln Financial Group.