Finding your own style of dress is not so easy. Not everyone can boast of the ability to successfully combine closet elements and look great. Some people are born with the ability to understand which outfit suits them and which should be rejected, and how to emphasize their appearance and highlight their merits. However, if you do not know how to do it yet, you can learn how to do it. 


Every girl wants to look elegant, beautiful, and stylish. To realise this, you need to consider a number of nuances that many people do not even think about. In addition, it should be considered that women are fickle natures because they depend on their emotions, so sometimes they want to be gentle and romantic, and sometimes – bold and independent.  In general, there are several basic clothing styles. Thus, the classic style implies discreet colours, stern silhouette lines, practicality, and minimalism. It should also be noted that, despite the relative restraint, a classic style is quite expensive, as cheap things will look absurd and inappropriate.

The sporty style is based on freedom, comfort, variety of colours and convenience. It perfectly suits the lovers of comfort, as well as those who prefer active recreation.  A romantic style involves light fabrics, flowing lines, soft shades, soft and flying details (guipure, bows, ruffles).  A good solution would be a popular today casual style.


Any woman will feel confident if she is comfortable. Therefore, it is very important that the clothes that you are wearing, sat on the figure, do not cause discomfort, itching, no pressure and do not interfere anywhere. Otherwise, you will be haunted by the thought that as soon as possible get rid of his body from this thing. Developing your own unique style, you should also buy practical clothes. So, choose styles and models that will fit into your everyday life. So, if in your spare time you travel a lot or do sports, you will definitely need fashionable clothes that are comfortable to wear on the road. It is much easier if, for example, you enjoy 22Bet Ethiopia or read a book in your free time.

For everyday business, you should choose practical, comfortable clothes that fit your rhythm of life. And for every occasion, casual wear is different.  For example, if you are a mother of an infant, it is unlikely you will wear a strict suit for a walk. So, determine the clothes that you need almost every day. For a businesswoman, strict images in a classic style will do, and for a young mom, comfortable jeans, and a shirt. 

In order not to gather for a long time in the morning, it is worth creating a special photo album with successful images of available things. This will allow you to quickly pick up clothes depending on the weather, the occasion, and the mood. And if you feel that you have changed – choose and change the right style and image again. Or better yet, pick up several style trends at once for every occasion in life!