The best moveset for Snorlax in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The sleeping giant returned to the Pokemon sword and shield. Snorlax is a tough customer, retaining his status as one of game’s best tanks with base 160 hp that cannot be knocked out quickly even by strong attacks like Giga Impact from Mega Camerupt or Landmine planted right next door! His defense becomes overwhelming thanks Dynamax where their HP doubles so you’ll neverquite know when he’ll throw some berries at your face either way–and if all else fails there are still those Gigantamim AX forms waiting in Generation VIII just incase things get really bad.

The incredible power of this new move sets Snorlax apart from other bulky Pokémon. With the ability to deal damage and repel attacks, it has an upper hand in any battle!

The best set of moves for Snorlax in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Snorlax is a great Pokemon for running the Curse. It has high HP and special defense stats (110), which make it hard to take down with attacks alone; but if you strengthen its defensive capabilities? Drilling holes in opposing teams will be child’s play! From there on out, all that remains are covering up weaknesses like Fighting-, Water- or Ground types so this sluggish bear can continue wreaking havoc without interruption

Damn it

The curse is a powerful move that raises Snorlax’s attack and defense (unless they are spirit) while at the same time slowing it down. Given its high special defenses, this fits perfectly with what we want from our Pokemon – so much protection! And since then? Well after being rewarded enough moves like Curse which reinforce their strength even more than before; It’ll become nearly impossible for anyone without an extremely strong attack type or stat boosting items on hand-to beat them no matter how hard you try!!

Body Slam

Body slam is a great move for taking advantage of Snorlax’s curse boosts. After several attacks. It will level out opposing Pokemon and provide more damage than return would if done manually by maximizing happiness; however there isn’t much effort put into orchestrating this option due its quickness which makes up for being painless with fast results
A solution could also come in form like BodySlam. Where you don’t need any extra work but still get comparable outcomes.


Snorlax is one of the most difficult Pokemon in this game to take down. It can withstand pretty much any attack that hits its defense, and because it has such high special defenses there’s not really anything you’ll be able put together.  Without boosting your team with supports or d evolves. Who have very powerful movesets for taking on bulky enemies like these guys. The move Earthquake will break through even massive types steel/rock Tryant (and their respective evolutions) while Steelix gets broken apart by Max Quake. Out don’t worry about them trying anything funny; they’re knocked out immediately after using those abilities so no chance whatsoever

The darkest Lariat

With Darkest Lariata, Snorlax becomes the perfect Pokemon to deal with ghost species. This is great news for anyone who has a Pokemon Shield as one of these gyms are exclusive. Only in this game and features special types like ghosts. Another advantage that brings forth from using their move set effectively. Without worrying about collateral damage or missing out on important moves due solely. Because they were too focused on protecting oneself would be an increased power level when taking down opponent’s gym badges.

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The best moveset for Snorlax in Pokemon Sword and Shield