Online games are becoming more popular and interactive. 

Technology Trends That Will Impact Online Gaming in 2023

The industry of cybersport and online gambling is developing as fast as possible and has reached its limits. Accordingly, the army of gamers around the world is also growing. According to Statista experts, in 2023 the number of players will be one-third of the entire population of the globe, which shows an increase of 4.3%. 

There are no age restrictions among gamers. Everyone plays without exception, and novelties arouse great interest. Let’s talk about surprises relevant to online entertainment that can be expected in the coming year.

Key Development Trends

The gaming industry exists because of technology, with online projects taking over the biggest share. Digital games, whether video games, casino games for real money, or free software on social networks, are on the verge of time. 

When it comes to online casinos, search engines rank hundreds of licensed platforms, whose collections include a large number of software products from the best providers. The following types of entertainment are available to users:

  1. Slot machines: classic, 3D, progressive.
  2. Card and table games: types of poker, baccarat, blackjack.
  3. Lotteries with random numbers: keno, bingo.
  4. Betting on sporting events.

Technological innovation affects all areas of life, and the game world is no exception. The main development trends in 2023 will be as follows:

  • cloud gaming;
  • active growth of user consumption of content from mobile devices;
  • development of virtual worlds, including VR format;
  • combination of multi-genre elements in games;
  • the expansion of 5G.

Let’s look at some of them in more detail.

Cloud Technologies

The main impulse in the development of the world of online entertainment is cloud games. They are transferred to the user’s devices directly from remote servers, rather than being installed locally. There is also no need to think about the safety of the game achievements as all of them will be reliably located on the network. This leads to saving space on the device and opening access from different gadgets. Due to the fact that remote servers handle the entire gameplay, the user can enjoy the most advanced game on their screen. The power of the equipment used in this case does not matter. 

Mobile Technologies

One of the reasons for the popularity of mobile gaming is accessibility. Today, with the help of smartphones and tablets, you can play at Fair Go Australia and many other casinos at any time and in any place. All you need is a stable Internet connection and a great craving for excitement.

In 2022, the financial turnover in the mobile entertainment industry will be about $165  billion. Of the total amount, 50% will go to the video games sector, which is estimated at $80 billion. 

Mobile gaming today is a multi-billion dollar business. It’s realistic that the figure for the industry will be about $190 billion and the cumulative growth rate will be 15% in 2023. The reasons for this are as follows::

Reason Description
  1. Convenience
You can play and place bets without distracting yourself from your daily routine.
  1. Privacy
Player data is securely encrypted and cannot be made public. Therefore, users prefer to use online betting platforms rather than visiting a land-based casino.
  1. Test mode
Almost all online games offer a demo mode without financial risk or registration. Mobile versions have the same functionality as the full ones. Such gameplay is useful for those who like to get acquainted with the interface, rules, and strategies beforehand.
  1. Secure payments 
Mobile banking is the most convenient tool for making a deposit. Customers have several options for depositing/withdrawing funds.


Every online casino wants to show the customer its transparency, fairness, and integrity, so they use cryptographic technology.

Blockchain provides transparency of gameplay and built-in algorithms through constant checking procedures. 

Transactions and actions of both the gambler and the casino are available in an unchanged public registry. Neither party has the ability to manipulate records, which increases the credibility of the system several times over.

Augmented and Virtual Realities

VR and AR represent the greatest hope for 2023. Recently, renowned game software providers have developed several video games that support virtual reality technology and have received a lot of positive feedback from gamers around the world. They include VR slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, and other gambling entertainment. Virtual reality offers something that no other technology can replicate. It allows users to download their favorite games in a whole new way and experience an immersive experience. 

AR, compared to VR, does not create a fictional environment into which you can immerse yourself with special goggles or helmets and gloves with sensors. It only furnishes the existing space with additional details.

We can say that augmented reality has entered the life of almost every gamer. Already today, gambling platforms are adopting the technology, providing an incredible level of immersion in the game and getting new emotions and impressions.

Smart Watches

The high popularity of mobile gaming has led to the use of innovative gadgets such as smartwatches. Companies have taken this trend into account and launched the development of gambling entertainment, which is convenient to play with smart devices. An example is Microgaming, which regularly delights fans with wristwatch software. They feature a simple and straightforward interface with touch controls. By installing the application on the watch, you can bet for real money.

Experts predict that in 2023 the market of smartphones and smartwatches will be divided in half. And software developers will increase the number of mobile applications that run equally well on all types of devices.


Competition among users in online games encourages them to show their skills to each other. For this purpose, tournaments and leaderboards are displayed on the platforms. Everyone strives to break into the top and earn as many awards as possible.

The gaming segment is developing very dynamically, sometimes it’s hard to catch all the new trends. But you can definitely note their positive impact on the entertainment industry.