My First Teacher

My mom became my first teacher. She taught me how to read and write, and she showed me how to be a good person. Even now, over thirty years later. I still learn new things from her. She’s my best friend, and I’ll always be grateful for everything she’s done for me. Thank you, Mom, for being the best teacher ever!

To my dearest “Mom”,

I dedicate these lines.

I don’t think I would be where I am today without my first teacher: my mom. She has always been there for me, whether it was helping me with my homework or just offering a listening ear. I’m so grateful for everything she’s done for me over the years!

Thank you for being the best mother a daughter could ever hope to have and your willingness. Not just tolerate but also celebrate her quirks, imperfections & differences has made this world better than it would be without YOU!
Thank You Mom from Your dAUGHTER.

My dearest mom, my first teacher of life. Who is also closest to my heart and none can match in this world or any other Above all else that matters for sure., You are the one n only “my mom”. Thankful every day because without your encouragement an motivation i would have gone astray many times before but instead found myself here today writing these words down with a clear mind finally able-free from mental chains which held us back.

You have been the most influential and important person in my life. You taught me to be strong, always keep going no matter what happens , never give up attitude towards life’s challenges
You also made sure that I learned about kindness by teaching empathy for others which is something very few people know nowadays since they only watch TV or movie scenes where there are fights between two families over nothing at all!

Thank You For The Sacrifice You Made at My Birth
Today I am Grateful To Be Your Child.

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