MeFOTO Tripod: The Best Lightweight Travel Tripod Reviewed

The travel tripod MeFOTO Tripod is the essential part of the photography kit when you are spontaneously moving from one place to another.

They are being manufactured according to the atmosphere requirements which definitely change sights to sights. Therefore, owning the best lightweight travel tripod is quite essential.

However, you need to make sure that you have selected the best travel tripod of 2018. During travelling the environment can be quite easy to get professional shots with just using the cameras.

Hence, there is going to be a need to get the camera stand which can make the device stabilise. This is the basic objective that a travel tripod performs.  

So, If you are really looking up to portraying a professional piece of work then the first priority should be to purchase the travel tripod. Share your reviews on this tripod on your social platforms. Guaranteed higher engagement and great visibility for your account, here’s how to accomplish it: buy youtube subscribers.

One of the best travel tripods along with its features is given so do give it a read.

The Best Monopod Tripod: MeFOTO Tripod

The MeFOTO Carbon Fiber Globetrotter Travel Tripod is the best selling product on Amazon. It has amazing specifications which deserve a read.


  1. This amazing travel tripod comes with a 360-degrees panning ball head. Thus, it shall help you to move the device in every direction possible.
  2. Moreover, It comes with a centre column with a hook. This hook allows the photographer to add more weight for extra stability.
  3. The ball head that comes along with this travel tripod is Dual action heavy-duty ball head with Arca-Swiss style compatible quick release plate.
  4. The MeFOTO tripod legs can be reverted back at 180-degrees. This factor makes it the best compact tripod.
  5. With the help of leg locks and 5-sectioned legs, you can get the ultimately desired height adjustments.
  6. The composition of this MeFOTO tripod makes it so strong that it is now dust and vibration resistant. Therefore, you shall not have to worry about the environment around you that might have affected the tripod.
  7. In extreme temperatures, the foam grip can assist you in holding the MeFOTO tripod firmly.

MeFOTO Classic Carbon Fiber Globetrotter Travel Tripod/Monopod

  • “This tripod is the first serious one I have purchased. Oh, I bought the $60 two pack Manfrotto from Best Buy, and the small travel tripod. 
  • But I realised that when I got my Nikon D750 and Nikon 200-500 lens I needed a “serious” tripod. I looked at several, read reviews.
  • Decided that what I wanted was one that held at least 12 pounds securely, was light to carry in a backpack, and was not crazy expensive.”

Travel Tripod: MeFOTO Carbon Fiber Globetrotter Tripod Review

Going through the reviews given by the customers and from personal experience, the review can go like this. The MeFOTO carbon fiber tripod has been constructed with the best material which makes it form and strength.

Moreover, it is versatile when it comes to its compatibility with the devices and strength as well. The legs of this travel tripod provide a strong and steady grip on the camera. Also, it remains steady at uneven surfaces.

With the help of its separate knobs and locks, it makes sure that the device remains intact at any circumstances. The height range provides extreme diversity towards the angles that can help to portray the work in a unique way.

Furthermore, the portability is the main factor of this tripod. It can fit in a backpack without any inconvenience.


The travel tripod is a great need for photographers who like to travel a lot. They differ in their abilities as compared to other kinds of tripods. One of the best travel tripods has been reviewed above genuinely.

So, it shall be beneficial for you to check it out if you are in desperate need of a travel tripod.