Let’s Learn How to Turn Off Read Receipts – Instagram and Keep ‘Em Guessing! Two Failsafe Methods

How can you learn how to turn off read receipts – Instagram makes it so hard right?  We hear you but we’re here to make your life a whole lot easier too.  The fact is, you love social media – we all do – and it’s an integral part of life.  You use it to stay in touch with your friends, see what your family’s up to, take a sneaky peak at that girl or guy you like, not to mention try and stalk your ex (we won’t mention that too much!).

Lots You Can Do on Insta and Lots That You Can’t!

There are so many things you can do on social media and a bunch of things that you can’t do too.  For example, how do you learn how to turn off read receipts, Instagram doesn’t make that one easy!

Does Instagram Show You How to Turn off Read Receipts from Messages?

You get lots of messages on Instagram, and perhaps some of your DMs come from people you don’t know, or you barely know.  Those are the annoying ones!  You’re busy, there aren’t enough hours in the day.  Then you’ve got to deal with those Insta messages.  Leaving them on “unread” gives you a bit more time.  As soon as you’ve read your messages, the sender knows and then you feel under pressure!  Especially as Instagram shows the read receipts.  So, you do need to learn how to turn off read receipts, Instagram hasn’t yet given us an easy option.

You Can Read Messages Without Letting the Sender Know!

However, we’re the experts when it comes to all things Instagram and we can tell you that you can learn how to turn off read receipts, Instagram might not show you, but we will instead.  Then you can read your messages to your heart’s content, with no one knowing when you’ve done so.

Let’s press on.

Turning off Instagram Read Receipts – Option 1, Restricting an Insta Account

The fact is that Instagram doesn’t allow users to switch off their message read receipts (and it’s really not allowed – click here to read what Instagram says about it).  Which means that the sender can always see when you’ve read their message.  But we do know how you can switch off those annoying read receipts.  One of the options is by restricting an Instagram account to switch off read receipts.

Here’s how it works.

Whenever you restrict an account, that person has to request your permission to send you a direct message.

So, when they send a message, you get to read it without it displaying a read receipt.


We’ve even got the steps for you to follow to learn how to turn off read receipts, Instagram:

Steps To Follow for Restricting an Instagram Account and Switching Read Receipts Off

  • Login to your Insta account.
  • Search for the account you want to restrict (or really, the one you want to turn read messages off). You can do this from your home page.
  • Hop onto the person’s profile.
  • Now, look at the top right corner of your screen, locate the three dots.
  • Click on the three dots.
  • You get a few options, select the Restrict option.
  • Restrict the user.

Now, when you restrict the user, you will be prompted to confirm restriction.  Note where the direct messages go, they will move into the restricted inbox area.  So, whenever they message you, they won’t know if you’ve read it or not.

When you’re ready to remove the restriction just visit their profile page.  Select “unrestricted.”  You can also perform this action from your inbox (useful if you use the Instagram app on your phone).

Switching Off Instagram Read Receipts – Option 2, Using DMPro

We’ve got another route for you to learn how to turn off read receipts, Instagram tool DMPro.

It’s a useful app that you can download. It’s a better way of understanding how to turn off read receipts on your Instagram messages because using option 1 and restricting everyone is long-winded!

It’s a third-party Instagram tool, so download it first and we’ll help you learn how to turn off read receipts, Instagram, using DMPro.

About DMPro

DMPro is a tool that helps you to manage all of your Instagram DMs.  You can send and receive DMs quicker and really easily.  You can also send a message to multiple users at once using DMPro.

In terms of how to turn off your read receipts is to connect your direct message inbox to your email.  You get a notification into your email when you receive an Insta DM and you can read your email, the message in your Instagram inbox remains “unread.”

Here’s how to do that:

  • Download DMPro as per the link above.
  • Sign up and complete all the relevant fields.
  • Next, login to your Instagram account.
  • Visit your DMPro dashboard, locate your account.
  • Select Manage Account prompt.
  • Visit your Direct Messages tab.
  • Open the prompt DM to email.
  • Add your email address.
  • Click on connect.

Final Words – Switching Off Read Receipts

You’re ready to read your messages through your email inbox without affecting their “read” status on Instagram!  See, we told you that you’d learn how to turn off read receipts, Instagram might not make it easy, but we have!