How to Connect Dead Phone to PC

Does a dead phone frustrate you? Well, you are not alone. Almost every millennial and Gen-Z person can relate. The funny part is that the generations before these have jumped on the bandwagon as well.

You must be thinking that plugging a dead phone to power is the best solution but at times that doesn’t work. I called my Cox customer support number to help me fix the issue. It turned out that I could do it on my own easily! So, to save you guys from any such embarrassing moment, here is how you can bring the dead phone back to life. But before that, you should know that ‘dead’ here refers to a phone that is failing to come back to life when you try to plug it in for charging.

Data Backup Is the First Step

Before you get into how to recover the data from the dead phone or Google how to connect a dead phone to PC, you need to ask some questions yourself. And the first question is did you back up your data or not. Because if you have a backup of your data on an external source like your PC, then you would not necessarily need to bring your phone back to life.

Apart from your PC, there are many other places like Google Drive and iCloud where you can have a data backup. But the question remains do you or do you not have it. At times you might not even remember selecting the option of automatically backing up the data when you were setting up your phone initially. So, it is always better to double-check.

After looking at all the possible places where the data could be, if you are unable to find it, then you should try connecting it to your PC. And see if it still recognizes it. Because in some cases the PC would recognize your phone as a USB device and display all that is inside it to you. If that happens in your case, you will not face any trouble in retrieving the data back as well.

Worse Case Scenario

The worst case would be that neither of the above-mentioned options works in your case. If you find yourself stuck in such a situation, then you would have no other option but to get the data directly from your phone. And for that, you will have to take your phone to the repair shop. If the people there tell you that the battery is posing an issue then replacing the battery will give you access to your data again.

However, there is a worst-case scenario here as well. There could be a chance that the PC recognizes your phone but does not display any data. This means that you lose access to all the data. Chances of this happening are thin but if your phone does get damaged during this process, data recovery software might just be the last resort.

Data Recovery Software Is a Life-Saver

If you are not aware of how modern-day storage devices work, then you should know that not everything gets deleted on them. Instead, space gets freed for something that may be able to arrive soon. Therefore, you should take quick action in retrieving your data before some software or any other thing fills that space for real.

All you have to do is install data recovery software on your PC. Connect your phone to the PC as well. The software will recognize your phone. Some examples of good software for Windows users are Recuva and PhotoRec. Mac users can consider Disk Drill and/or Prosoft Data Rescue.

Check if the software can detect the recently deleted (but recoverable) files on your phone. If YES, then nothing better than that. Note that it might happen that you are not able to access data using one software. In that case, you should try a couple of others. At times, this trick works.

Recovering Data from Android and Apple Phones

If the recommended software doesn’t work in your case, then you can try the software that Google tells you is specifically for your phone. In many cases, this software is more useful than the ones recommended above. You can search for a list of all those that are meant for Android phones.

I hope that this guide helps you fix the issue. In case, nothing works, you will have to let go of the data. While browsing Cox Internet prices online one day I came across an article where they shared stories about people losing their data and how they coped with the situation. I hope nothing of that sort happens with you!