Health Benefits Of Female Masturbation

The researchers found that out of 100 people, 91 masturbate. However only one or two percent are open to discussing it. With anyone else which is alarming considering almost everyone does this. We need more communication surrounding female sexuality especially in today’s world. Where everything has been categorized into dirty words-the list goes on forever but you get my point…let’s start talking so these issues do too.

Masturbation is an important part of our lives. We should be frank and honest with each other about this topic. Instead women are filled with embarrassment when asked if they have ever played around inside their own head. Therefore creating the idea that it’s either dirty or improper for girls to do. So which leads men into thinking its normal but not healthy at all.
The more people know what benefits come along from frequenting these joyful experiences. Such as storytelling during sleep time (where one can escape). Relieve stress through sex toys used creatively; creativity will flow much better than before due in large part.

1. Healthy Heart

Masturbation has long been associated with a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it keep you feeling refreshed, but research shows that the act of self-love can actually lower your chances for. Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease! So go ahead – hit those gym workouts AND give yourself some time to indulge in private pleasure too.”

2. Relax and let go

I never knew how much I needed a good night’s sleep until recently. After having so many stress-filled days at work, it feels amazing to finally curl up with your partner and have them rubbing soothing circles on your back while you relax in their arms. It sounds like something from an advertisement or movie. But the truth is that this moment happens for most people. When they are intimate enough together already – not just because of what we do between our sheets (although those moments always make everything better).
Masturbation can be seen as quite similar: sex does give us some relief. However orgasms also relieve tension which helps bring one back into life again via release.

3. The pelvic floor is strengthened

The contraction that occurs during orgasm helps to strengthen the pelvic floor and keep up. With issues related both urine flow as well as erectile function.

4. Bid your stress adieu

I read a quote yesterday on Instagram which went like “Two orgasms a day keeps stress away”. It hit me so hard that here I am, blogging about it for you. Stress is everywhere and can be overwhelming at times. But masturbating helps to relieve some of the pressure by giving your mind something else they need besides work or school related tasks.

6. Count the confidence chart growing

If you’re not born with a sense of confidence, then it is brave to touch oneself. Thomas Harris called this pleasure and science has an interesting word for it: “brave!” Yes! It’s ok that we like pleasuring ourselves because our own selves worth can help us boost how much self esteem there was in the first place.

7. Self-sex is safe Sex

What’s not to love about solo sex? You can’t get pregnant and you don’t have any STIs! It beats having a one-night stand with someone who could potentially be diseased for your whole life.
A quick internet search will tell anyone that self inflicted wounds is the safest form of “acts” out there because it goes against all human instinctual passions which suggests more harm than good in most cases when humans engage themselves into these kinds activity.

8. Comfortable while sex and knowing what you want

masturbation is a natural process that everyone does, but many people don’t realize the feeling of having sex with their partner. The way we’ve shaped our industry and expectations about what’s considered “perfect” can make you feel uncomfortable if not awkward in some situations- like when there are no outlets available or its just too much for one person to handle on his/her own without any preparation whatsoever! But imagine being able take care these things beforehand so all your needs were met before hand? That would make everything better.

9. Mood enhancer

Masturbation is not just a good way to relieve stress and get you started on the path of being happy, but it can also lead someone who has been struggling in their life be much more content. Save yourself some time with this knowledge!

10. Peaceful sleep

Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the sun wake you.
A little self-care will help us get through today’s hectic day!

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