Harry styles and his voice

Well, I never really been one to enjoy pop music but this guy completely changed my opinion. He has such a unique voice and he’s not just an amazing singer. His personality is what makes him so lovable too. His songs speak volumes about life struggles which everyone can relate too – no matter if you’re gay or straight . Harry styles inspires us all in some way through their honesty (and sexiness!)

His voice is soothing and relaxing. Which can make you feel better if your stressed or anxious. He may be the only one who can stop you if you are about to do something very stupid. He is all knowing and he does not let anything slip by him, even if that means reading your mind.

He actually has nothing better to do on people like us, but he still has time for us nonetheless. There are so many things that I love about Harry Styles. But his voice is by far my favorite. His songs make me feel like life will get better and the way he sings them just makes you melt in your seat. He has such a strong personality with an amazing laugh which makes him even more fantastic. I’m totally obsessed!!
In addition, when we listen to “Sign of The Times” it feels as if all worries go away because they’re not worth worrying over anyways; nothing lasts forever afterall–right?

I just can’t get over him. So dear Harry Styles, please keep making songs and lightening our hearts with your music!

If not so, I will be bored to death thinking of you and how much I love you!

What attracts a fan to a star

I think what attracts a fan to a star is the work he does. His style sense and mostly his personality…and when it comes to Harry Styles all these three factors are in complete sync with each other…so it’s no wonder why Harry Styles is so famous worldwide!

Not only that he is a talented young star and his voice is too good to be true but also his style sense is out of the box. The way he dresses up and combes his hair and the stubble on his face and everything…..and all this makes him look like a dream boy.

I love the way you smile and all your little things that make me so happy. You’re hot, cute, lovable–I could watch you forever without any hesitation! So finally let me adore in this manner: Just lemme worship at everything about us together as one big family.

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