Gervonta Davis’ income from fighting Isaac Cruz

Gervonta Davis earned a reported $1 million for his fight against Isaac Cruz, as reported by Jed Goodman of on Twitter. But it’s not all about the money! The boxer reportedly made 300k after tax dollars from fans in attendance who bought tickets to watch them compete at Madison Square Garden last night (which begins payouts).
G Schwarzenegger also took home an additional bonus worth 10% extra cash if he won–so let’s see how long these guys can keep up this pace?

Gervonta Davis had an impressive win over Isaac Cruz, despite not knocking him down. His speed proved too much for the powerful fighter who struggled to find any openings against Floyd Mayweather’s prodigy in this fight. G José was defeated by an exciting performance from his young rival as they fought it out at lightweight; however there were many other battles that took place tonight such as Anthony Dirrell vs Altogether Durtcn which saw both competitors give everything but come up short!

‘Tank’ was not going to be pushed around by this kid. He had more experience, and from the opening bell he showed it as soon Cruz charged forward. With his trademark style only for ‘Tanks’ speed difference between them make itself known early on in round one. When they clinched against each other before breakaway attempts could happen . At first glance you might think either man would win but then again who knows? They’re both such good fighters so maybe we’ll see another decision here tonight!

Gervonta Davis is a domestic violence survivor who found success in boxing. And he proved it by taking home the WBA lightweight belt from this close contest with 115-113 scores.

In the sixth round against Isaac Cruz, Gervonta Davis broke his hand

In the post-fight interview, Gervonta Davis revealed that he had broken his hand in round six. And hence couldn’t secure what would have been a signature knockout victory against Isaac Cruz.

“I was going to stop him in the sixth, but I broke my hand early in the round. So I couldn’t fight like a southpaw,” Davis said. “If I would have went straight right he’d fall over.”

However, two other experts also shared different opinions on what led ‘Tank’ to stay on his feet. After being dropped twice in the sixth round.

In an exclusive interview with Glenn Rushton, Davis’ strength and conditioning coach, he revealed that it was a combination of factors—including Cruz’s movement. That played a role in ‘Tank’ failing to drop him again as the Italian champion chose to cling on for dear life instead of going all out offensive against Davis.

“In this particular instance, I believe that Gervonta was caught off-guard by the awkwardness of Isaac Cruz’s southpaw style,” Rushton said. “Cruz is a master at throwing piercing jabs from his unusual angles and rarely gets hit clean because of it.”

Tank said that he injured his hand in the sixth round and still tried to throw with a broken one.

“I hurt my left hand in probably the sixth round but I’ve got to throw it. I have to go get it checked out. It’s shaking but it is what it is, that’s what comes in the sport.”


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