EMF Protection

Redemption Shield provides protection from 5G EMF Radiation with their high-quality Faraday canopies so you can get peaceful and better sleep while being safe. We also offer Shielding 5G EMF Protection blankets, curtains, bed mats, and grounding mats; and have products that offer protection from 6G Shielding & Frequency Shielding, Cell Tower Radiation, 5G Millimeter Wave, EMF/RF/EMR/EHF Radiation, and many more

All iPhones before the iPhone 6 and several Galaxy models are on AT&T’s exhaustive list of phones that will be unsupported during the outage. According to FCC, 3G phone owners won’t be able to make calls when 3G completely goes away. In addition, it affects 4G phones that can’t use HD Voice.

The end of 3G networks has an influence on more than just cell phones. It can affect the functionality of 3G-enabled devices; e-readers like the Kindle, portable Internet hotspots, kid safety gadgets, alarm systems, home security systems, medical alert devices, automotive SOS services, personal alarm devices, alcohol monitoring devices, and a variety of other Internet-of-things gadgets.

No matter how we feel about it, technological progress will continue, and the development of the 6G has already begun. We have to start taking measures to shield ourselves. Redemption Shield keeps tabs on the latest technological advancements to see how they might affect us. Our products provide 5G EMF Protection, 6G Shielding & Frequency Shielding, and protection from dangers like 5G Millimeter Wave, EMF/RF/EMR/EHF Radiation, Cell Tower Radiation, and, many more.


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