Damascus skins problem for some, but dbrand promises to resolve it

Dbrand’s latest Damascus skin has been causing reports of reduced. There have been reports of reduced cellular signal performance associated with Dbrand’s latest Damascus skin ignal have. There has been confirmation from the company that certain Precision Fit wraparound. Versions of the new skin will be affected by the presence of metallic. Additive used to create the “holographic” reflective effect. It promises to find a resolution for its customers after extensive testing to better understand the issue.

It has been reported that users have been having problems over the past couple of days. And dbrand confirms that its support lines have seen a spike in contacts from users inquiring about the issue. Though additional testing is currently taking place. It seems that the problem may be caused by a metallic. Additive which is used in a shimmering, patterned Damascus skin. Which is responsible for the so-called “holographic” reflective effect the skin has. This material, despite the fact that it is very low conductivity and comprises. Only one part per thousand of the total product. It appears to have the capability of affecting the strength of a device’s cellular signal in some cases. By essentially creating a very weak Faraday cage around it.

Dbrand is working on testing the issue

Currently, dbrand is working on testing the issue. But so far it has discovered that the issue does not affect Damascus. Skins applied to laptops, game consoles, or AirTags. You can find the full details of dbrand’s investigation in the PDF embedded at the bottom of our coverage here. Also, the “Triple Black Damascus” color is not affected or adversely affected. This is because it does not contain the metallic additive. And only the “Precision Fit” wraparound skins that cover the frame/antennas of some devices are affected by the metallic additive. “Standard Fit” covers only the back of the phone. So should not interfere with cellular signal, nor should Grip Cases with Damascus skin interfere.

According to testing so far, the issue seems to be affecting primarily wireless charging and NFC functions. However, in my assessment. The issue should not affect wireless charging. While there have been some reports of impacted Wi-Fi or Bluetooth performance. The volume of reports dealing with these issues has been limited. And although there has been a limited amount of public testing done so far. It cannot determine whether other types of wireless signals are affected.

Dbrand acknowledges that it did not notice the issue in testing. Despite the fact that the company did conduct field tests, they were confined to areas. Which had dense urban populations and high signal strengths, so that problem did not seem to be as apparent. The company, however, notes that after further review. It has confirmed that its data does in fact indicate what it didn’t see initially.

It appears to be primarily affecting the Damascus skins on the left of the screen. That are in the “Precision Fit” skin style. I am not sure if any issues are encountered when using “Standard” skins.

Dbrand will focus on two steps to resolve the problem:

All skins that could cause the problem (i.e., 69 different ‘Precision Fit’ skins which are in the Damascus line.¬† Excluding the Triple Black colorway) have been removed from their website. And all customers who are affected will receive an e-mail with information regarding a resolution. As of yet, the company does not know exactly what the solution is. And it is performing additional tests and analysis over the next 72 hours. Which will ultimately help them better understand the nature of the problem. Which may ultimately lead to a better solution being provided to customers. We want to point out, however, that dbrand has a good history of doing the right thing for their customers. As was the case in the case of the original Grip case manufacturing issues. When the company sent replacements to every customer that was affected.

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