Custom mailer boxes make shipping safe and protected.

Give your Customers Value by Using Custom Mailer Boxes

What can be the best way to tell your customers about your brand? Surely, nothing can beat the utility of mailer packaging. In order to send several kinds of products to their customers, brands use these boxes. Besides custom mailer boxes, corrugated boxes, envelopes, and other boxes are used according to the requirement of the product.

Thanks to the cardboard box with the interlocking wings and flaps, you can easily mail different products. For this, these boxes do not need any tape or glue to keep the items intact inside the box. With the advancement of technology, the design and shape of the boxes have witnessed a lot of change. For instance, companies now add numerous new features to enhance the worth of their product. Two factors are the motivation behind using these boxes. One is to compete with the competition in the market. And the second is meeting the demand of customers.

If you are also not aware of the importance of custom boxes you are on the right track. Read this article to know more about these boxes. However, before discussing the advantages and uses of mailer packaging, let’s first know what these boxes are.

What Custom Mailer Boxes Are

Corrugated cardboard is used to make custom mailing boxes that protect the products throughout storage and shipping. Due to this, there is no need for external packaging to protect the items. Thus, you increase convenience and decrease costs. Moreover, there is an option of customizing these boxes to meet the specific needs of brands. You can print logos, branded texts, and other graphics on these boxes to meet the aesthetics of the brand. In this way, custom boxes are perfect for subscription brands and e-commerce brands.

Advantages of Custom Boxes

As you know custom boxes are useful in shipping products, and there are some other advantages of these boxes as well. Let’s list those advantages.

Mailer Packaging is Lightweight

One of the most important benefits of these boxes is that they are lightweight. Due to this feature, it becomes easy to ship and store them. Thanks to their lightweight, they don’t occupy much weight or space. As a result, customers find it easy to carry them. And these ensure a perfect unboxing experience.

Custom Boxes are Sturdy and Secure

Moreover, custom boxes are sturdy and secure. The flaps inside the box keep the product intact during shipping and storage. In addition to this, the wrapped item inside is fully secure during this whole process. Custom box printers come with durable and tough corrugated cardboard. What this means is that your product is puncture-proof and crush-proof in these boxes. 

It is Cheap and Cost-Effective to Use these Boxes

Another significant advantage of these boxes is their being cost-effective and cheap. Their raw material is easy to access and affordable which determines their price. Moreover, these boxes are very much in use among packaging companies. Therefore, they are available at competitive prices. Nothing can be more exciting than finding stylish custom mailer boxes at a lower price. Package your items in these boxes and deliver them safely.

Custom Boxes Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Customization of these boxes is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Since every product has its own size and dimensions that require exclusive boxes, the versatility of mailer packaging fits all the products. In addition to this, you can also customize these to further meet your requirements. Not only this, but their paper types are also of different types. For example, brown kraft paper, magic paper (known as “Kemi”), and essential white paper (known as “oyster”). You can pick not only the boxes but also the paper as per your liking and needs.

You Get Customization at its Best for These Boxes

By default, these boxes are customizable. For some, customization means altering the dimensions such as depth, width, length, paper type, and ink as well. On the other hand, for some companies customization means changing every aspect of these boxes. From interior dimensions to printing options and everything in between. Thanks to this type of customization, the white corrugated mailer boxes you get meet all your demands.

Eco-Friendly Material of These Boxes is Sustainable for the Nature

Another very important benefit of these boxes is that they are nature friendly. Their material is mostly recyclable and can be used after primary use. Furthermore, this material does not have hazardous chemicals that harm the environment. In fact, these boxes meet all the standards of green packaging. Customers nowadays have become very conscious of green packaging. So, custom boxes with eco-friendly materials really attract them. Due to this, they become more willing to buy your product that is not harmful to nature. Thanks to the green packaging of these boxes.

These Boxes are a Perfect Marketing Tool for your Business

Marketing your brand is now easy and affordable with custom boxes. Mailer boxes prove an efficient tool for marketing by printing fonts, colors, and logos on them. Whenever people see your product, they will notice and remember your brand. As a result, your sale and profit will soar vertically. You can also use these boxes to protect your products and advertise your brand.

Custom Boxes are Vital for a Perfect Unboxing Experience for the Customers

In addition to quality products, a good buying experience is helpful for buying the trust of customers. The better the unboxing experience is, the more customers will build trust in your brand. Because opening a good and stylish box is similar to opening a gift. Unboxing both gives pleasure and happiness. On top of that, you can further better the unboxing experience by adding extra components. Some of them are inserts, filers, and artworks.


Custom boxes are very useful in delivering your product safely to the customers. Shipping and transportation are replete with pressure and jerks that can damage your item. A very protective solution to all these problems is custom mailer boxes. The durable and eco-friendly material of these boxes not only protects the product but also the mother planet.